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Lump in throat

I went to the doctor last week complaining of extreme fatigue and weight gain.  The doctor ran a TSH and it was 4.08.   Even though that came up normal she has ordered an antibody and t4 but only after I requested.  I also found out that my TSH was 3.8 last year and she didn't do anything about it even though I was complaining then.  I am currently waiting for the results on those tests but I have a feeling I am going to have to refer myself out to an endo.    

In the meantime I do have one question.  I don't really feel any swelling in my throat but I keep feeling I have a lump in my throat.  Like something is stuck in it and if I touch my throat area I will keep this feeling for hours.  Is this thyroid or something else?
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Two suggestions may work for your case:
1)Many minor thyroid swellings are not visible on the neck if the head in normal position and more prominent during swallowing. Therefore do the "Thyroid neck check "self test.
2)In some cases, the thyroid becomes particularly inflamed, known as a thyroiditis attack. Dr. Steven Langer, author of the book Solved: The Riddle of Illness, refers to thyroiditis as like an "arthritis of the thyroid." He explains that just as arthritis attacks the joints with pain and inflammation, thyroiditis can mean pain and inflammation in the thyroid for some sufferers. And in particular, during a thyroiditis attack, common symptoms are anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, swelling in the thyroid area and problems swallowing. Dr. Langer suggests taking some calcium/magnesium, which are nutrients that have a sedative effect, along with a pain reliever to relieve inflammation -- buffered aspirin or ibuprofen He's found that this helps about two-thirds of his patients suffering from nighttime thyroiditis symptoms. Reducing swelling is a key aspect of dealing with thyroiditis attacks, according to Dr. Langer. "Just as with arthritis, an anti-inflammatory pain reliever doesn't cure the problem, but it temporarily ameliorates the symptoms."
Hope that helps.
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