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Hi, im nicole and heres my issue/question..................

I have been on Methadone for approx a year now due to opiatre addiction that was brought on by a acl tear in my knee. after 10 years of battling this horrible fight, i decided to try methadone, well, it seemed  WONDERFUL at first. no more doctor shopping, no more withdrawls from running out of my meds, no more clock watching for my next dose, no more wondering how i was going to get my next script...............i felt free and on top of that, i had no cravings. Well as time went on i noticed a very un-motivated, un focused.....pattern and i was sooooooooo groggy all the time and having a infant to care  for wasnt an option for sleep, so I asked my psychiatric doctor too please put me back on my adhd meds (adderall) in which he did, and then i got my focus and motivation back....4 months went by and so did 30 lbs...mind you...when i started my adhd med i was 5'4  115 (already skinny) so 30 lbs less then that was very ANOREXIC looking, soooooo i stopped adhd med abruptly and went on withn life.. well  moved out of state back home and about 6 mths went by and still on methadone.....BUT major weight got gained .... 120 lbs, `125 130 135 lbs!!! ok thats more then my prego weight......145 lbs i went to doc ( now, i did mention this weight gain to my methadone clinic, and they did do blood work, but never said nada about  nada too me) So i went to my P.C.M. doc that has NOTHING to do w/ methadone med im on. of course she knew i was on it, but didint like it, so i told her symtoms and she gave blood work....it came back

so, i cried, and started taking thyroid med called levothyroxine and doc also wanted to put me on lipitor but i chpose to try and diet first............... hmmmmmm my question is...............lol.....................does methadone cause thyroid probs? does it ruin thyrpoids? or could it be my abrupt stop in adhd mneds (adderall, focalin, effexor) or post partum (had baby 2 yrs ago)
im;lost!!! and getting fatter, and depressed and dont know what to do
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Hey girl I've been on methadone for 5 years. It slows down your metabolism and your digestive track. Also, most people who take methadone have cravings for sugary foods and/or chocolates.  The first year I gained maybe 10 pounds and also had a baby while on it. The next year 10 or 15. Basiclly I was pregnant 5'7" and 137lbs in 2005. Now I am around 170. Most of it is in my gut. All the time people are asking if I am pregnant.  Another side effect is no sex drive.  I thought that was because I have gained weight and I am so self conscious. I guess not. It might have a little something due to your other meds but, I bet if you talk to others at your clinic you will be amazed.  My sisters been on it a year and probably gained 10 which made her look healthy and maybe 15 extra shes feels as bad as I do. My mans sister has put on 10 or 15 too and feels like ****. Neither of them have sex drives and both have food problems one loves  sweet tea and carbohydrates and the other will sit down once a day and eat an entire pan of brownies.  Right now I am trying to eat a high fiber and protein diet with lots of fruit and veggies. I have also been walking alot. I did it for a short time last year and lost maybe 9 pounds but fell right back into my old ways.  It seems like I get really depressed every couple of months and start going down hill. I absolutely hate it I am looking into suboxone just because all these issues.  I sure am scared of change though.
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hey, thats exactly where io gained my weight..........ALL IN THE GUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
people always ask if im prego. its so depressing. and my sex drive has been DEAD TOO. im suprised my husband stays with me.  i evn noticed really bad menses probs as well.
when your child was born, did he/she go thru methadone withdrawls? if so, how long, were they bad? sorry if that was a personal question.....

im actually thinking about going on suboxone instead. i like the methadone, but i hate being treated like a dirt bag. i go to a state clinic, and honestly, i feel like a peice of crap there. i was the one that decided to go on treatment to help myself, yet they make me do "supervised urines".............whats that about? im not on probation?.............. im willingly getting help. dont they know that if i wanted to use drugs, i would just stop going to treatment. it makes no sense. also, im on efferxor xr and focalin or adderall for adhd, and they made me sign release to get a note from my doc stating y im on all my meds.....NO PRIVACY.

and on top of all that....i now have high cholesterol (251) and slow thyroid....im a mess
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I know no one will probably read this but its worth a try. I was in the clinic for about 2 1/2 yrs due to opiate addiction. I have ironic ovarian cysts and suffer daily. I started by taking perks then it went to anything I could get. I almost did dope but was too scared. Anyway. I went into the clinic n started on 30mg. I felt better at about 50 mg and things were good. Then I started to gain the weight! I am 5'2" and weighed 125 when I started.  By the first 2 months I gained 20lbs! I was encouraged to increase my dose by my counsiler. So I did and finally stopped at 85mg. By then I gained 45lbs and knew something was wrong! I usually carry my weight in my butt, but with this I was getting a fat belly,  legs, everything! I just looked bloated! I hated myself and oh...had absolutely NO SEX DRIVE! I asked the doctor at the clinic and he mocked me! He was like"  its not the methadone, how many sugars are in ur coffee??? I said..um 2! He said well that's y ur gaining weight! I was pissed! I've done ballet for years n never stopped! My diet never changed! The only NEW thing was methadone. So, I felt with it for a lil while,  then I just got tired of it all! I saw it as im in a clinic that gets paid to give me drugs...what is the difference in me getting it on my own?! I went in there to stop drugs not find a new one that makes me fat! So, I started dropping my dose. My counsiler didn't like it but I told her" ITS MY FKN TREATMENT N LIFE! NOT URS! so I got dwn to 10mg and then said FCK IT. ( which I do not advise). I went thru withdraws for three weeks. And I wont like it was BRUTAL! if u wanna get off the methadone don't just atop at 10mg cus u think its only 10mg. I would advise stopping totally at like 3mg. Its easier on ur body. But anyway, I've been out of the clinic for about a month now and have already lost 15lbs! Oh n did I mention I developed HYPOTHYROID while on methadone! That too has started to regulate! !! So all these doctors are idiots! U DO GAIN WEIGHT! SOME GET THYROID DISEASE! U HAVE NO SEX DRIVE! AND IT DOES LEACH THE CALCIUM N NUTRIENTS OUT UR BODY!! so ppl, get off the methadone! If u don't think u can do it, trust me u CAN! siboxon is good but also has effects! Just go with ur heart! I did and im better off;-)  GOODLUCK AND BE STRONG!
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just reading this stuff i just found out yesterday i have very low thyroid and  i  found a huge lump in my thyroid 2 weeks ago thats what made me get checked anyways it makes sense meth effecting thyroid i was on it for 3 and a half yrs getting off about a month and a half ago i gained atleast forty pounds and my dr said the same its not the meth it because meth makes u crave sweets so its the sweets! so maybe they should do more research linking methadone use to thyroid issues ! just thought is share that
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Gained 60 lbs since on methadone for less than a year!
Recently found out I have hypothyroidism,high cholesterol,early diabetes.
Never had even a hint of any of these medical problems before and I eat fairly healthy.  I'm not sitting at home eating greasy foods all day.
This seems to be a trend among people on methadone and I hope it all goes away once I'm off.
This stuff REALLY is bad for you. Don't listen to the Doctors who are payed by these clinics that act like this has nothing to do with methadone!
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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  Out of the many stories Ive been reading about the Methadone/Hypothyroidism - Weight Gain.  Yours touched me the most.  I have had HT for about 10 years.  Ended up with a severe Opiate addiction after a bad accident.  After repeated fails trying to stop, my doctors at Kaiser suggested I get on Methadone, I had no knowledge (1st mistake) all I knew was I could stop the pills finally.  Ive been on Methadone 4 years now and have gained a good 80 lbs.  Just like you said....I use to gain a little weight here and there always in my booty and boobies, but now the tummy the legs the calves my hands. I HATE IT.  For the first time I have actually started experiencing discrimination for it.  Like we need any more BS.  I started tapering about 2 months ago....taking it real slow.....scared to death of being incapacitated by withdrawals.  Im sure you know its the worst thing in the world.  Ive gone down 15mg which puts me at 150mg.  How fast or slow did you go down.  You know it takes about 7 days for your body to even begin to recognize the decrease or increase.  But your comments in the end really encouraged me to start tappering again.  I cant live like this.....

Very Grateful
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I know its a year after you have posted this so probably wo't get a reply. I am currently on methadone have been for three years, I have gained weight but not in my gutt like everyone else and I have also had a baby while on it who was born withdrawls. I would NOT recommend having a baby while on methadone, is it more distressing than anything watching your child withdraw from something you put into them. I also want to know if you pu sugar in your coffee before you were on methadone??? I am trying to gather as much info as possible to find out why people are gaining weight. I have came down to 35ml before but was using on top so went back up. I can go without my methadone for over 48 hours without serious withdrawl, I am tgo scared to go further main reason being my daughter is seven weeks old. I start reducing tomorrow cant wait!!!
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It's been quite a while since this thread was started, but I wanted to post my experience just incase anyone else comes across this. I have been on methadone for 6 months - before that I was taking around 300mg/day of oxy due to kidney infections and a very large number of kidney stones (not to mention - opiates just make everything seem better, until you run out at least). So anyways, I started on the methadone and I was 103 lbs (I am 5'2"). I never went above 60mg/day because I wanted to stay as low as possible without being miserably sick. Within the 6 months that I have been taking the methadone, I have gained 45 lbs & developed Hypothyroidism (and all of its miserable effects - esp the absolutely horrible exhaustion & fatigue), high cholesterol, depression, anemia (from starving myself to try to lose all of the weight) - you name it, I've got it. I am now in the process of coming off of the methadone - I come down 5mg/week. I am currently at 35mg/day of methadone and I just started taking 100mg/day of the thyroid med that they prescribed for me. The doctors said that it will take a couple of months to see a real change in the thyroid, but I am hoping that getting off of the methadone will help speed everything up in getting me back to normal.

Do I regret taking methadone? Partially. It did save my life - I was on the road to destroying myself & everything & everyone around me because of my addiction, but I wish that I had not stayed on it for this long. I know 6 months is nothing compared to most, but this medication is SO detrimental to your body and your health.  It takes an addict and gives the ability to become clean & sober, but then it destroys every other part of your mind and body. Not to mention the killer W/D that come with getting off of this stuff. I wish that I could have had the discipline to stop without absolutely having to go this route, or at least went on subs to get myself together. If I could redo it all, I would have never touched the methadone. Just wasn't worth it.
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Wow where to begin. I have been on methadone for 14± yr's now. For pain and still need something, also diagnosed with hypothyroid /hashimotos. I was told the late life pregnancy caused the hashimotos because the baby depletes the last of the iodine reserve in the body which causes HT. So this methadone and prob with HT is news to me and trying to research as much as pos. But it makes sense as I just found methadone listed on a TGB antibody test, for HT as causing the test to come back high in TGB antibodys , so It def. Affects your thyroid. About method withdrawal it has a very long life in yor body compared to other opioid, so when my Dr of 14 yes hung me out to dry last yr I had to go to a pain clinic. They started wiening me off 5mgs every 2 to 3  mo's. Starting w/80 MG's, only at 65mg's almost 1 yr later. But my biggest prob now is the allergic reactions to almost everything I eat, I have mild to mod anaphalaxis dly caused from a major thyro prob , it appears I'm allergic to dairy now, which is in everything I eat, so I'm in hell dly, and have gained 80 lbs in the past 5 yes, in my option because of methadone, hypothyroidism, and my gastrointestinal track being swollen shut, 9 days to pass wh I have eaten. And yes the weight is all in my gut, when I used to have the flattest stomach. I still haven't figured out why my neurologist tried to put me on magnesium 10 yes ago along with the methadone? Anyway I could go on and on as I have been doing tns of research for the past cpl of yr's trying to cure my own probe as most md's don't have a clue, and western med is only to treat the symptom, and be profitable. I actually have some hope now that my new MD is finally sending me to a endocrine specialist even with a medical card/bad ins. With that said it is a 6 mo wait. Oh and at 43 I have not had sex in over a yr, my husband is miserable but not nearly as miserable as I.I think I have addressed all the subjects being talked about in these posts, oh an the memory brain fog probe are serious, lol excuse my word corrector on this tab..tired of noticing too late and having to retype.scatterbrained as can be but its all there, it just goes much deeper.
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Please post results and reference ranges shown on the lab report for any thyroid tests you have had besides the TG ab.
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I'm very grateful I came across this site!! I have a nerve condition, three/four herniations in my spine and I have Hashimotos thyroid disease. I am currently taking 16mg of Dilaudid and 10mg of Baclofen every four hours for pain and spasms this past year. Due to the Hashimotos my body burns the meds off quicker and grows accustomed to them as well. I'm very limited to pain meds because I'm allergic to codine so I can't take Percocet, Vicodin, etc. I already tried Morphine pills and Fentinal patches but they didn't even touch my pain. If anyone has ever had nerve pain then they know it can be very painful. Anyways, the Dilaudid isn't working that much these days and it looks like the last narcotic I can try is Methadone. I was already scared to try it but this confirms why! I can't afford to gain weight (I'm not skinny but I'm not obese either). I had to have surgery last August and have been bedridden since. Due to being bedridden I've already gained 25 pounds and that has affected my nerve condition. The more I weigh the more it hurts to walk, and when I fall it's harder to pick myself up. Due to the nerve condition, my nerves misfire and contract my muscles in my lower extremities so I have no control. I was just recently put on thyroid meds even though I was diagnosed with Hashimotos approximately five years ago. The one thing with Hashimotos is that your thyroid fights itself so unless you're feeling sluggish and constantly cold you don't know it's your thyroid. I have to ask my doctor to check it and 98% of the time it comes back normal except last month. If Methadone affects your thyroid that much in such a short period of time then this narcotic is not for me. Thank you all for your posts. I wish you all the best of luck and a blessed day.
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