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Mildly Elevated Serum Calcium with a normal PTH

Hey all,

Since September 2006, I have been having problems.  Initially it started out as leg and arm weakness accompanied by muscle twitching.  An EMG and NCV ruled out all bad things and I was diagnosed with benign fasciculation syndrome.  When my GP ran blood work in Sept.
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Just to eliminate something really simple and silly, are you taking vitamin supplements?  An overabundance of vitamins A or D can cause hypocalcemia without affecting the PTH.  

Please keep us posted. :)
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I am not taking any supplements.  Believe me...the doctors tested for everything.
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What was the outcome of your case?  My two blood tests revealed normal PTH scores (22 and 35) but high calcium (11.1 and 10.8).  Multiple Myeloma, humeral cancer, and familial hyperparathyroidism has been ruled out.  My endo is confused and I need help!  

Anyone have any suggestions/comments?

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Please check out the site www.parathyroid.com.  The site should answer most of your questions.  High calcium is a parathyroid malfunction even if the pth level is normal.
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Oh, believe me, I have read every word on parathyroid.com!  Just curious to know how Tarrigo turned out, as his/her post was in the summer.  Are you out there Tarrigo??
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I have been very ill since 2003.  It all started with kidney stones (multiple) in both kidneys, then lithotrypsy...extreme fatigue, so they put me on levothyroxine (normal levels, but low)..now extreme bone pain from hips down.  I am still passing kidney stones, especially since they took me off allopurinal, which i was on because of high serum uric acid levels.  Four years ago, my PTH was within normal limits.  I haven't fit snug into any one diagnosis, so I have been punted around from specialist to specialist.  I have learned that because I am the person that I am, in that I go till I drop (I have four very active teenagers, so I have to), that my credibility has diminished....When I say "I am sick," the first response is "you look good."  I used to be a high functioning adult...personally, professionally, spiritually, as well as physically.    Recent serum calcium 10.3 and PTH was 16.  Please help me :(

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I can relate, having had a parathyroid problem myself.  Especially, that it's not always easy to tell from the outside that something is going on.

This is such a tricky one to diagnosis.  But I’m surprised to read that you are, so-to-speak, sitting in limbo, given that you are having kidney issues (?).  I’d definitely keep up the pursuit of what’s going on.  I do hope you get to the bottom of this.

Keep sharing.
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