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Minimum One Time Alcohol

I have checked every med I take against the use of one or two drinks on Christmas and they say it will enhance the effects but none say it will kill me. Clonidine, Metoprolol, Pravastatin, Lorazepam, Prilosec and Prednisone and Methimazole.
Please respond if you have had adverse effects from such a small amount of alcohol with these drugs.

Thank you
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I would not take a chance....it's not worth it. Just my opinion.
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What if you have 2 drinks, which could impair your judgement and decide to go for 3 or 4??  Only my opinion but I agree with Laura.  
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2-1, you ladies win! It's not so much that I won't control only the one or two drinks but with graves', there's no telling what setback I might suffer. Just not worth the chance.
Thank you for your input.
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Wel I went out the last nights and had four drinks.. And I suffered the next day. Im not on any of the meds you mentioned but Im on eltroxin. Im not drinking anymore untill Im ok!!!! Im not to fond of alcohol anyway!
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I'm with you about not really into it I just thought a nice drink of Baileys would be fun, never had it and the commercials look so good :-)
Don't need a hangover or backset...thanks and hugs
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I no what you mean though a few drinks over the hols would be great! I don't like Baileys, to heavy on the stomach I think. Im gona go it sober this year! Il b a Double D instead! (Designated driver)... See how it goes!!!!! Happy Christmas and have a good one!
Jen XxX
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