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Minor surgery and hypo

Hi All-

I had a quick question... I am due to have an Endometrial Ablation this Thursday. Very minor surgery, but I have to go under. I think the entire process is 1hr. I am having labs done today for symptoms of Hypo. Not sure if I am hypo or getting period.

Is it dangerous to go under if I am in fact hypo? I love my OB, but I know he will say "you'll be fine". He wont insist I do it, but will say there is nothing to worry about..

Any thoughts?
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What does the anesthesiologist have to say?  That person is a dr who has to review each case and give the okay.  They can override even a surgeon, if necessary.  I found this out last year while approaching a gallbladder surgery.  I was going through a secondary illness (not thyroid related) and the gallbladder surgery got postponed because the anesthesiologist felt it was necessary for me to be in a little better shape before going under.  It was the surgeon himself who called to tell me of that decision.

If that particular dr, the anesthesiologistat, has told your OB it's okay to proceed then that might be something to help ease your mind.

Good luck.
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I just had an exploratory laparotomy two weeks ago. (Feb 10.)The vascular surgeon had to go in and explore my entire organs to see if he could find the reason for my weight loss, but also to remove a mass that was located underneath the aorta. After that surgeon was done the gynocologist had to go in and remove a complex cyst along with my left ovary. All this was done back to back, The incision ended up being about 7 inches compared to what I thought would be 2inches. I am still recovering from the surgery, but believe it or not I am schedule for another minor one. I found out this week that my bladder needs to be lifted, so they will go in and lift it. My urologist does not seem to think there will be any problems, but will have the procedure done at the hospital as opposed to in their office.

I also had a neck dissection done back in Sept. 08 to remove my submandibular gland that was chronically infected, along with a calcified ligament, and two calcified lymph nodes. I have already had my entire thyroid removed 14yrs ago.

Everytime I go in for surgery I have to have pre op tests done to make sure my body can handle it. When I go in for the bladder thing, i have to go in a week before and get EKG , and get a chest x-ray done. (have no idea why on the chest x-ray).

Are you scheduled for any pre op testing?
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