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Mono and Hashimotos thyroiditis in 16 yr old male

Just curious if anyone out there has experienced mono and also diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis?
My son is almost 16, and is a star athlete in excellent shape. Only one in the family that has never had any real illness. Over the course of 3 weeks, he began slowing down, needing more rest until he finally crashed. Blood test was positive for mono, and his thyroglobulin Antibodies were 122 IU/ml, with a normal range of <20. T3 Uptake (T3 U) was 38.3% with normal range of 25.0-40.0%. FTI (T7) was 2.6 with normal range of 1.3-5.3. T4 Total (Thyroxine Total) is 6.9 ug/dl, with normal range of 5.0-13.0. TSH is 1.805 Ulu/mL with normal range of .035-5.5. All other normal blood work was within range, and his WBC was 8.2 thou/mm3, with a range of 4.3-5.9 thou/mm3.

His pediatrition said he had a mild case of mono, and I insisted on running a full thyroid panel, plus the Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibody tests as my daughter and I both have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. He referred to an endocrinologist for a detailed work up. In the meantime, put him on 50 mcg of Synthroid, the starting dose, but I know it took forever to feel better when I started on Synthroid, bumping up over a year to higher doses till I reached 100 mcg.

I am hoping to see if he is on too low of a dose, even though he is just starting Synthroid, plus how the two diseases relate to each other. Also, I want to see test results are low, even though they indicate they are in range using lab's reference ratings listed.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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The new range for TSH is .30-3.0.....this test shows mainly pituitary function. The other 2 tests which are MOST important are the Free T4 and Free T3 tests. These Free's are the most active forms of thyroid hormone in the body. The other thyroid tests this dr ran are outdated and no longer used.
When it comes to Hashi's especially, you need to be treated by the Free's and the symptoms. It is best when on T4 med only, to supress the TSH level to between a .50-1.0. But again the Free's are the best way to treat by.
ON another note.....Mono is caused by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). It is proven in the New England Journal of Medicine that EBV is one of the causitive factors in Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid disease. EBV has also been found to be hereditary or should we say contagious within families. All the women in my family have tested positive and had activated EBV. Mine was reactivated 1 year before I developed Thyroid disease.
Try to find an endo who specializes in thyroid.....most just touch on thyroid and specialize in diabetes.
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You say the range for TSH is .30-3.0, according to the range on the blood test report used. . . but I hear there is a test that most endos want patients to remain at 3.0. What test is that? Pediat. said the FTI (T7) was the new test for the Free 3. What range do people feel normal if reference range is 1.3-5.2?

Also, he had one more test called Thyroglobulin Antibodies which was the 122 IU/ml with reference of <20.0.
Also, when you say T4 meds, is that synthroid?
Do any of these results indicate pituitary?

What other tests should he have done?
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