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Multiple thyroid(?) symptoms

I'm desperate to find help for multiple symptoms that I feel may be thyroid related.  I moved to a different state across the country 20 years ago and I have yet to find a good endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid diseases such as Graves- consequently, for the last 20 years, my health has been spiraling down & out of control.  I had severe Graves disease & had a thyroidectomy leaving 2gr in '75. I've been on 125 mcg Levothyroxin for many years.  1/2 pill Cytomel 25mcg was added a few years ago due to sudden & extensive head hair loss.  The Cytomel didn't seem to help with the hair loss, but I've continued taking the drug as it does help with energy level.  I'm on 40mg. Lipitor due to elevated cholesterol- a consequence of thyroid disease. I also take Estradiol 1mg due to a total hysterectomy~ 14lbs of tumors and invasive endometriosis removal.   My head hair loss has continued and expanded to legs, arms eyebrows and eyelashes- with increased facial hair.  I have new hair growth on my head but the overall hair count continues to decrease as the new growth cannot keep up with the loss. Scalp is visible over my entire head.  I also experience occasional heart palpitations, although not as significant as pre-thyroidectomy when my T3 and T4 were in the 60's and 70's range and experiencing thyroid storms (oh boy!).  I have gained a significant amount of weight (140lbs) in the last 8-9 years.  The last enodcrinologist I saw tested to rule out the gene for male pattern baldness- it came back negative. He told me my problem was probably due to nerves. (That's what a quack doctor told me when I couldn't sleep and stopped having menses. . . Just before my first thyroid storm!) My most recent TSH was 4.2 .  My new Internist felt that number fell within normal parameters.  I think I should be closer to 2 something.  However, when my thyroid meds were set @ 150mcg., I was having regular heart palpitations, irritability and occasional tremors.  I haven't been tested for lupus in 20 years, which is something that my old endocrinologist always did (periodically).   Due to the tremendous weight gain, I am now diabetic and am experiencing sudden and extreme edema & foot & leg neuropathy which I've been given lasix and potassium for.  I also have glaucoma (onset @ 40yrs) and osteoarthritis (onset at 31 years).  I've recently tested positive for allergies to wheat, barley, cows milk, cheese, eggs, chocolate, mustard, night shades, blueberries, clams, haddock and a host of other wonderful foods.  Graves disease, diabetes, glaucoma and osteoarthritis all run in my family~ every generation but, they seem to hit harder every other generation.   I am now fat bald AND have a bad do!  Can it get worse?   I'm miserable and desperate. Can you help me?  Tell me where to go? I honestly think all this stuff is related somehow.
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Wow, you sure are not a happy camper! I do feel for you in your frustration at not getting help.
Do you have a new endocrinologist? All your issues sound like a Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia...or MEN for short. Has anyone checked into that diagnosis?
  I do wish you luck.
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AND your tsh is to high....most patients feel best at or around a 1.0. If you have hashimoto's you should be supressed to between a .50-1.0 tsh. Also what were your most recent free t3 adn free t4 results??
Have you been tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies??
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