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Muscle Cramps in Calf (Charlie Horse OUCH) ... what is your take? Nat'l remedies to try? ...

I konw, I know .. push comes to shove I PROMISE to call the Endo for a followup appt since on the lower dose of Synthroid .   I really hope my TSH isn't going hypo on me ... history shows 75mcgs was 1.8 .... hoping this is unrelated, isolated incident (the Charlie Horse cramp this AM) and nothing to do with hypo.

Is it magnesium to take?

It was awfully painful .. excrutiating and out of the blue.

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Magnesium is what helps me during an attack.  I put a tablet under my tongue (something to otherwise avoid because it's not good for tooth enamel).

This can be very scary, can't it?  I hope everything's okay and unrelated to hypo.
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It isn't a pill, but I drink a bottle of gatoraid for immediate relief.  Long term a bananna a day keeps the kramps away
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My dad used to get charleyhorses all the time and his doctor told him it's a lack of potassium and to eat bananas.  He does, and never got them again!
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THANKS so much .. I will try that.  

I made an appt and got in for Friday ... I just found out my Endo is moving away .. she was wide-open and I'm glad I called for an appt to wrap things up before she goes.  I am so disappointed.  I'm usually not ticked off when a Dr of mine leaves .. but she is special .. one of a kind .. CR@P.

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It usually has something to do with a Potassium problem - temporary usual.

eat bananas - and a mag pill may work along with it. Or pop a potassium pill (citrate only)

OK out of the box her my friend ------

I read and adviced my mom to try something I read a while back. take your average bar of soap dial - zest - ivory ---- whatever.

place the bar in between the sheets you sleep in . No more cramps.

and it worked for her more times then not.

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Thanks for the banana info!  I'm going to try that myself.
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