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My Levels: Was told to Post For All TO SEE

I think I started out all wrong when I found this site, so forgive me and I will restart here.  A few of you have told me to post like this so here goes.
1-18-2011    This was a print out with no reference ranges!

Free T4 is 1.2
Free T3 is 2.3
TSH is 6.6
TPO >1000
FSH 49.9    ????  have no idea what these are ----anybody know??
LH   26.2  ????
Cortisol a.m.   8.0  

Nov. 2010-Previous Results
Calcium  was high at 10.5      with 8.6-10.0 being reference range
sodium a little low at  134       with 135-146 ref rang
Chloride little low at      95       with  98-110 ref rang
TSH was       6.6                       with 0.40-4.50 reference range.
NO T3, T4  or TPOs where looked at  (This was when I only was seeing a GP)

My Endo says I have both side growths that I and he can feel. Swollen Lymph Nodes. Ultrasound Sch. 3-18-2011.  He also wants a biopsy due to my Father's TT due to cancer.  Both of Children have Throid disease with one having Hashi(just diagnosed also).   Me- Thyroid disease and Hashi.
Without going in all the details, I have ALL the symptoms that most people do with Severe Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia,Memory Loss and Sweating  being the worse I think. Many years of these.
I have history of multiple pitituary tumors and parotid gland problems.  With a few other problems to add to it that I will not bore you with.  
I am on .88 mcg levo at this time....??????.Anyone??????
Thanks,   Sass
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I'm not sure what question(s) you are asking.  I'm also not sure how you would get a printout of results with no ranges; it's standard (I think maybe even mandatory) for labs to put the reference ranges on every report.  Can you call your doctor to get them?

Without ranges for the FT3 and FT4, we can only guess, based on other ranges we see.  Your TSH is high and your FT3 and FT4, both appear to be relatively low in their ranges, again, based on ranges we often see.  Many of us find that we do best with FT4 at about mid range and FT3 in the upper 1/3 of it's range; you probably have a ways to go for both of those, but again, that depends on the reference ranges, which we don't have.

In addition, with a TPO at > 1000, I'd say it's a pretty sure bet you have Hashi's.  

The high calcium could be a concern.  Have you had any parathyroid tests done? Have there been any follow ups on the calcium?  

How long have you been on the 88 mcg levo?  

What specific information would you like?  
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Hi Barb,
My doctor gave me this printout from his computer, not the copy from the lab.  It is like they fill out the area of weight, age, just the general information.  I assume since the outside lab is in his building (that he owns) he only uses them and know what their values are.  I will request the lab copy tomorrow. The name of the lab is the same as the lab results I had done in Nov. that did have the reference ranges on them.But they did not test the T3 or T4 -so I will have to get that copy.
I have been on the 88mcg since November. No calcium work follow ups have been done.  No parathyrod testing done. Is that more bloodwork or what?  Although I have been hypo for longer than I know and on meds since 2005, I am just beginning this quest.  Ignorance is not Bliss!!!!!  Guess I just assumed (yes I know what that does) that my very good GP knew all she needed to know and of course I didn't know what I do now since joining this awesome forum.  
I have been talking to fellow forum poster on here and he was telling me about the CONVERSION's involved with the T4 to the T3 and suggested that you(or someone) can give me more info or explain to me.  That I may need to add an RX to increase my T3 numbers and also adding Magnesium Glycinate.  That may be for insomnia?  
He also told me about the foods that i should be avoiding.
Another Poster has informed me about the dangers of FNA!!
My Ultrasound is sch in March and would like to be as prepared as possible to ask my doctor the correct questions as well as to know what to do if he suggests a FNA.
My endo seemed interested in me but was not overly informative. He did ask me if I took my levo in the am with water.  I think that was the only info that he actually gave me concerning my condition.  He did tell me that my female hormones look fine(?)  that those would not be causing my extreme sweating. Nor did he think it was my thyroid.  He actually said to see a skin doctor(my memory fails me-of the specialist name-one of those things,lol).  Never mentioned my extensive list of symptoms. I have seen him twice.  Initial Consult and Follow Up for MRI on brain and lab results.  He also tested me for Human Growth Hormone, since I have huge hands and feet, big bones but only 5'2". The number there was the highest one in the reference range, I did see that sheet. He seemed disappointed that he felt it would be way higher. He said it is the same as what causes giantism?? My MRI showed him that I did in fact have Pituitary tumor removal.
He also was unconcerned with my Parotid Gland Dysfuntion.  
He never mentioned the calcium level or any others on the lab results from my GP.Other than the mention of Hashi's with no info,talking about the nodules he felt on the thyroids, and that he would do a biopsy I came away kinda blank.
And I shaved my legs for this???? Drove over 2 hrs and missed work.  What kinda fool am I?
Of course my appt followed another one where I was told that I had another breast tumor! (but good news, it is benign.)
I guess I need to know about Conversion, Foods and Questions I need to Ask. The Things I need to do to take better care of this disease. I am so confused with all of this information (that I love to get) with this complex disease. And I am so tired of hurting and being tired.  
Thank You,
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Forgot to ask: If I take Vitamin D for help, and we know Vit D helps release Calcium in your body, is that going to put me at higher risk there since mine is already high?
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FSH is follicle stimulating hormone, LH is Lutenising Hormone. Even men have these! Believe it or not.

I am going to presume you meant Parathyroid gland and not Parotid gland, as they are two different things.( I answered this more clearly in your other post)

Do you have parathyroid hormone testing results? This will determine if they are not behaving themselves. The calcium/parathyroid issue is a complex one and just because you have a high calcium in your blood, it doesn't mean that is your parathyroids working too hard, it could be the opposite as the body may be stealing calcium from your bones, meaning the parathyroids aren't working.

   You would need to know for sure 100% what is going on with them before you start taking Vit D.

   I don't know who told you that there are dangers in FNA or what those dangers are, but I can tell you these are extremely good in finding out if there are cancer cells or other in nodules. Not all of the FNA's give definitive results. I would love to know what those 'dangers' they mentioned are!

   With your pituitary tumour, do you have any results on it? You see, there are two sections of the pituitary, and different hormones are released by each one. It is IMPORTANT you know what type of tumour you had removed. This can have a big bearing on how you are symptomatic and how you are then treated.

Don't get too hung up on the foods issue. Lots of people can tell you their own personal experiences and that is fine, but right now I believe it is vital you look at getting your own medical information and let's try to fathom what needs to be done rather than the living healthy part. (Not to say living healthy is not a good thing, just saying being too pedantic on eating this, that or the other thing may distract from the problem in the first place!)

  With your female hormones, the ones I mentioned right at the start, it is important to know where you were in your cycle, and how old you are as to the meaning of those levels. These are released by the pituitary and in part by the ovaries.

  I'll let you take in the above and we can work from there to answer the other issues.
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I agree with redheadaussie about the FNA - never heard of it being so dangerous, as to have to avoid it.  If you could, maybe it would be good to let us all know the danger(s), so we would be more informed.  

I also agree about the food issue; some people do well by avoiding certain foods; others do well, eating whatever we choose.  Figuring out your exact issues is more important than making drastic lifestyle changes, that you don't even know will work for you.  

As red said, the important thing is to get to the bottom of your health issues.  

Yes, parathyroid testing is more blood work.  You might take a look at www.parathyroid.com.   This is an awesome site to get information on the parathyroids.

What issues do you have with your parotid gland? Problems with both, or just one? There are 2 of those and they are the largest of the saliva glands.  I'm not positive, but I don't think these are part of the endocrine system.

Regarding the thyroid issue - the 2 main hormones are T4 and T3.  Free T4 and Free T3 are the amounts of hormones in your blood, available for use.  FT4 can't be used directly; therefore, it must be converted to T3, which is the active biological hormone.  T4 is mostly converted in the liver, but other organs do some of the conversion as well.  Some of us don't convert T4 to T3 very well; therefore we have to add a source of T3 med, such as cytomel, generic T3 or switch to a dessicated med.  
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Red- I did mean Parotid Gland- have not had any Parathyroid testing done at this time yet.  I am a 52 year old female with complete hysterectomy done in 1996- My female Hormones indicate that I have completed menopause according to my Endo.  
I have been trying to reach my Nerosurgeon that removed my pituitary adenoma to no avail so that I can find the answes to that question!  My Endo did ask me that also. I do not know or remember if I did.
I have found responses that you both have made with some other posts about the food issues and am much more relaxed about that now.  Thanks for that!!
FNA dangers- bama_lori has expressed many, many issues on this.  Her issues and the dangers she talks about are in one of the posts that I had responded to.  She has many references to look at.  I will have to look up which post so you can see the links.  Get back to you on that.
I understand now about the conversion and why the reference ranges are so important.
FTB explained some of this to me. Plan on getting those reference ranges today Barb.
The Parotid issue has been happening since 1987--initially it was sparodic and not that often. This past year in really stepped up.  I have seen some top guns at MD Andersen in Houston and ???Sometimes when I am eating my parotid begins to swell.. It gets about the size of a tennis ball halfed.  So if you look at me during this period it is from the chin ,completely around  the lower half of ear, down into the neck and out towards the mouth.  Commonly one could have a stone in the tube that the salivia drains into the mouth or a tumor in the gland itself.  I have neither.  This is not an allergy issue.  The swelling is VERY noticeable and is very painful.  The ideal thing to do is to remove that right gland, BUT as luck would have it.. my surgeon has said "We are skeptical that we can remove it without leaving you with severe perm facial paralysis." HUH!!! okay The swelling has been happening for so long and went untended to ( I have been from doctor to ent to dentist to oral surgeons since 1987, in fact I worked for a dentist at the time) was told oh it is probably a stone.. no big deal!! Unless it becomes a problem you sure don't want that surgery!!  anyway. as luck will have it the doctors at MD says that there is so much scar tissue from many years of sweling on and off that it has grown and intrapped my nerves.  Every nerve that controls your face runs directly thru the parotid gland. My Parotid MRI looks like a spagettti bowl of scar tissue and are wrapped around and around all my nerves.  Just a normal removal of the parotid is extremly tricky and dangerous to the nerves. Now the problem  is if left unattended I still will have the paralysis but maybe not as bad and maybe not for a long time or could start tomorrow???This is bc eventually the tissue will just continue to damage the issue any more.  Why this is happening?? They have recently been to Geneva, Switz to learn a knew technique that they go thru the mouth up the tube towards the parotid with a telescope (yes, his words) to observe...Already owe them for the other as my insurance ded is so high, it wound up not covering any of that!!!And there is no tumor or stone they are sure of that.  If it was a tumor I would go for it and risk the removal, but as it stands?????Of Course in my case, the surgeons at MD have never seen this issue as this severe!!!But without a true cancer issue, what do i do??? Still considering this.
I also have Aschia and already have a difficult time swallowing in the throat region.  Swallowing test revealed that my cervical  neck i growing backwards and is pushing on my esphogus narrowing my ability to allow food down. They told me to put my chin on my chest when I swallow to allow more room for the food to go down,  but then with the Aschia once it goes down to teh med region of the esph, it stops. This is a muscle problem I have all over my body, but I deal.
okay I will get back later as I have to get dressed for work.. I am the manager at major furniture store here in Texas.    and no i am not looking for attention, this are true things I have , I am just looking for help. I know ya'll understand this but I guess so many people are like gee, she has all that. and think I am hypochondiac..nope I wish to heck I never had to make a post like these,  and I am so tired of finding something new when I go to the dr.  I am in good health, I am strong, and I have a strong faith in God.  I am happy!!!  I just am tired and tired of hurting.  
Ya'll have a great day!! sass

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