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My TSH is <0.01. T4 and T3 are at the top of the register. How can this be?

I am not on any medication.  I have familial nodular goitre which is benign. I declined Carbimazole because the possible side effect was swelling of the thyroid, my windpipe is compromised.

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Have you been tested for Graves Disease and/or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?  Both of these are autoimmune conditions that present with hyperthyroidism (low TSH and Free T4 and Free T3 in the upper ranges - that's assuming you had the FREE T4 and FREE T3 tested vs Total T4 and Total T3...

It's not just carbimazole that can cause swelling of the thyroid or nodular enlargement.  So can thyroid conditions, in general.  Hyperthyroidism can end up causing thyroid storm, which is a life-threatening condition if it's not treated.

Are you, currently, having problems with your windpipe being compromised or is this just a fear you have?
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