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My TSH went from 2.36 to 0.74, over 9 months.

I’m not having particular symptoms, just concerned about what seems to be a significant change. Any thoughts on what this change might indicate?
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Are you currently on a replacement thyroid hormone medication?  Were there tests, other than TSH done, such as Free T4 and Free T3 or antibody tests?  If there were other tests done, please post their results and corresponding reference ranges so we can get a fuller picture of what's happening.  
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I’m not on any thyroid meds. I have a Free T result of 8.0, a T, Serum result of 467, and a T4 result of 1.11.
I don't understand your "Free T result of 8.0, a T, Serum result of 467".
Is the "Free T" a Free T4 or Free T3?  
Is the T, serum T3, T4 or TSH?  
Is the T4 Free T4 or is it Total T4?  They aren't the same tests and don't give the same information.

If you could verify what each result is for, I'd appreciate it.  Also, please post the reference ranges for each test as ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report so we can see where your results fall within each range.
If you are not experiencing any symptoms retest in a month to be certain.   On the other hand, thyroid symptoms are so common you may not even notice them.  I would look for things like: increase pulse rate, slight tremors at your finger tips with arms fully extended in front of your chest, fatigue, bowel movements, anxiousness, shortness of breath, etc.  
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