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My dd (9 year old) Ever heard of this ?

After a month of tummy pain, nausea and so on they finally did an upper GI and we were told that she has mild duodenitis it is inflamation of the beginning of the small intestine.  He put her on Prevacid for 2 weeks and if she is not 100% better in 2 weeks he is going to check out her gallbladder.   It has been almost a week and she is taking 30mg of prevacid everyday and she has tummy pain EVERYDAY well its not tummy it is in the center in between her breasts but right below them.  She said it hurts all the way through to her back, but comes and goes it is not constant she said it does not start gradually but starts hurting really bad all of a sudden.
Should I keep waiting for the 2 weeks to be up or should I just demand he check the gallbladder ?

I have never heard of this ANY info on this or anything similar to this would be GREATLY appreciated.

I did post on the Gastro board but got nothing.
I am at my witts end, I need a good hug and cry..=(
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I had 3 Gallbladder attacks that dropped me to my knee's. I never had ANY pain in my gallbladder itself but the pain started suddenly at my diaphragm and quickly radiated back between my shoulder blades. The reason I was having this kind of pain was because my gallstones were very small and moving through my intestines scarring them. That's not what you want!  I'd have her checked ASAP! I also had bloating.  
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Hi Dana,

I have never heard of duodenitis.  Did they say what causes this?  I feel sorry for the little pumpkin having to go through this pain.

I can't help, but here is a big hug   ((((((((((((((SQUEEZE))))))))))))))

Take care of the pumpkin

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The gallbladder pain I had (and my sisters, and my son) started in the center of my stomach area and radiated around to my back.  Get the hydroscan ASAP - it could be gallbladder "sludge" (small, sand-like stones), stones, or spasms.  She needs another GI ASAP.
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Oh - one more thing.  Did they biopsy the small intestine for Celaic?
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NO the upper GI is all he has done and then put us off for 2 weeks...I LOVE this doc but I am shocked why he is just brushing it off.  Now she does have good days but seems everyday at one point or another her tummy hurts (thats her words).
Tomorrow is her Birthday she will be 10  so we are hoping tomorrow is a good one.

I am going to call next week and just tell him it seems she needs alittle more investigating.
THANKS for the input.
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Sent u (((((hugs))))) via a note, but wanted to send a

VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ur daughter!!!! Hope her day is pain free!!!

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