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My neck hurts?

Ok after continued chest pain in july this year i went to the dr. who sent me to the hospital where i had ct scans cultures an then was omitted an transported to a bigger facility. Finally I was informed I had an overative thyroid an a black spot in my lung.. so september 16th i had my thyroid killed but when i went back to the dr. to take blood test an see what kind of pill i was going to need to take for the rest of my life.. the nurse who took my blood (was also the one that didn't like me she had me dismissed from my family dr. who i've been seeing since i was born) told me that it was normal an i wouldn't need medicine. after they "killed" it?? Now lately my neck will hurt me along with chest pain an then i get the sense that i can't breathe very well...?? all at once.. jus randomly during the day..
why does my neck hurt? i've been trying to get to see another dr. who can take some more test on my thyroid but i can't get in until march 9 next year, i don't know if i can wait that long?? what's wrong with me?
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So you had RAI done to kill your thyroid? Correct? If so you MOST definetley need thyroid medication and you will for life. You no longer have a thryoid if they killed it all.

Please go see another doctor if you can.....that nurse sounds like she has no idea what she is doing. When you make an appt. (make sure you get copies of your medical records), tell them you had RAI done on the thyroid & you need lab work done.

Get it done ASAP...
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It sounds like you had the RAI done but that it did not kill the thyroid completely.  If this is the case, you may not need meds.  The symptoms you are explaining sound a lot like hyper symptoms still.  What exactly were your levels?  You should always ask for copies of your blood test results.
I'd find another doctor who can take you earlier if possible, and definitely one who is willing to listen and work with you until YOU feel better.  They work for you, it's their job.
Good luck!
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