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NC Endo? Seeking second opinion.

Good Morning,

Does anyone out there know of an endo in the Charlotte NC area? One who is more knowledgeable about thyroid , rather than being more of a diabetes doc. And preferably, one who won't say yes you might be a bit hypothyroid and then try to "educate" me on the dangers of "white foods". Completely blew me off. When my TSH came back at 57 and the TPO antibodies at over 8,000, he called me personally to say I had actually diagnosed myself and he was VERY concerned about these #s and "we will get you better." Too late. I told him I would not be returning, asked for copies of all results and brought them to the internist. This was over a year ago.He said then, that this would take Time, but he would stick with me and make sure I made it to what he called the "sweet spot" in both #s and symptoms. Said he would treat symptoms more than #s and retest every 6-8 weeks till things stabilized. This no longer seems to be true. The tsh was @ 1.45 in November; I was feeling better but still having symptoms. In December I asked for it be checked again as I was feeling worse. He did this, tsh came back at over 4, I cannot recall the Free T4 #s at the moment. In any case , he said this was Fine and within range. Return 6 months for recheck. Huh? Regardless of the worsening symptoms , some of which bounce between feeling hypo and hyper. Any suggestions of names greatly appreciated.  
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what meds are you on?? IMO endo's are not always the best..i am currently working with a FP and doing quite well. I am in robeson cty so not to far away.  Some people are sensitive to the different meds and do better with a change.

take care cindy
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Thanks Cindy,

I was afraid I was running out of space and forgot (brain fig anyone lol )to tell I have been on Synthroid from the beginning. I have also had brain surgery for a (benign) tumor, so I was begun on a small dose of .25 mcg.  That was slowly titrated up to where I am currently, at .125 mcg. I am told , actually by my neurologist, that hyper/hypo symptoms can occur with the nature of Hashimotos. Also the ups and downs of TSH ,necessitating med adjustments. I have had no problem with the Synthroid. Just thinking the dose needs increasing, and there is the disappointment in the doc, who I feel told me one thing and now is doing quite another. Which I brought up to him. His response was that most of his patients have to be dragged in every 6 months to be rechecked. My inference there is that I am unreasonable to expect that an increase TSH of 4 and increasing symptoms would indicate things are by no means stabilized. He said then that "if it made me feel better" (hello, condescension ) he would consider testing again in 4 months instead of 6. He seems not to realize I have options beyond what he will consider.  Just hoping for a recommend instead of blindly picking out a doc. True what you say of endos, just needs to be an MD knowledgable in thyroid issues. It was my neuro ( who is excellent) who referred me to that endo I wrote of above (NOT excellent) so there is no asking him again lol. Thanks for your response :)
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Ummm change fig to Fog, and there is an ironic moment LOL
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I don't know, 'brain fig' is kind of poetic. I think I like it.
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You guys are too funny!
I am from NC but I live on the outer banks - close to kitty hawk.  I go to Greenville which is almost 2 hrs away but it was the best I could find.  He is pretty good and for the time being I am very satisfied with him. Hearing your doc say that tsh of over 4 is within "normal" range just makes me want to blow a gasket! I had to deal with idiot doctors telling me they had no idea why i was feeling so freaking bad b/c my numbers were "normal"  AARRRRGGGGG!  How hard is it to treat with symptoms rather than freakin numbers?!!?!??!?! I had thyroid cancer all along!!!  And although they tell you that there are few symptoms with cancer, i was having MAJOR HYPO SYMPTOMS.....hair falling out, extreme fatigue, dry skin and hair, constipation, BRAIN FIG :>) the  whole nine yards.  I have yet to understand how they think all human fall into one catergory!!We are all different &all have different tolerance levels for some things.  I feel horrible if my tsh is over 2.  Thank god that since thyroid cancer, mine has to stay really suppressed.  Girl, I soooo feel your pain here - but you are doing EVERYTHING right.  It took me THREE years to find a doc that would listen and by then I was feeling so bad that I could've cared less if I lived or died.  You have no idea what it was like when that doctor (ER doc) sat down with me and talked to me for almost 30 minutes regarding all the symptoms I was having.  I knew going into that ER that nite that one of two things was going to happen.  #1- I am going to end up on the fifth floor b/c I have truly lost my mind and none of this is real - OR  #2 - I was finally going to have my prayers answered and someone was finally going to listen to me.  Thank God it turned out to be the latter.  I can't tell you the desperation I felt.  It was horrible.  I just found out yesterday that the GP that I had been seeing for all of this for the last few years is leaving - and I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!  She needs to go back to medical school again.....
Anyway, I just want to send kudos your way - don't stop until you find the right doc for you.  ONLY YOU know your body and how you feel.  Don't let another doctor speak to you in some condescending manner and don't settle for anything less than 100% from your doctor.  I truly wish that I knew a good one up your way, but I will keep my ears and eyes open for you.  I truly wish you the best with your struggles to find the right doctor - a good doctor that knows that you are an individual.....and need individual treatment concerning YOUR symptoms and the like.  Keep us updated and let us know how it goes.  (((((hugs)))))
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well i guess i am lucky...the FP that i see is willing to work w/me on symptoms as well as numbers....i go in regularly for blood tests and adjust my meds accordingly...i am currently on Armour as i just got to where i could not tolerate the synthetics and i am doing a whole lot better...hope everything works out

take care cindy
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