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Natural Dessicate thyroid from Thailand

I read on Stop the thyroid madness about NDT from Thailand, called Thyroid-S.  I researched it and there have been great reviews.  So I ordered it and have been taking it for 2 days now.  I feel ok but only 2 days in. Anyone else on this?  I know it is hard to get use to NDT when you have been on synthroid/cytomel.  they were not working for me. I am hoping this does.  thank you for your help.
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Are you taking this under a doctor's supervision?
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Yes goolarra - you can only obtain a script of Thyroid S from a doctor... I am taking the ERFA thyroid from Canada and I have done some reading on the desiccated thyroid products coming through with the FDA knowing this was happening for many thyroid patients taking NDT.

ERFA thyroid is pretty much the same and Thailand is a big producer of the ERFA thyroid  - so you should be in good hands... I am doing very well on this medication as good as I did on the Old Armour back in the day. very satisfied with the quality.

I must caution you on obtaining the meds even with the script from your US doctor on going to 3rd distributors of ordering thyroid meds... We have found counterfeit organizations promoting they can help obtain the meds * for a small fee of course) and then give you false meds.

If you need more information on this - please PM me .

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I have the prescription but the pharmacy never asked for it.  It was from edrugnet.com.  I researched it up and down.  I read in other forums of people taking it.  I paid $23.00 for 120 pills.  no shipping fee.  so i bought two for 46.00.  they seem to be working except i had a hard time sleeping last night.  I am just hoping it works better then the synthroid/cytomel combo.  Should I just order from Canada??  My doc said I need  to take 2 grains (which is 60mg) of the NDT.  but isn't that alittle to much for someone who was taking 3/4 of 75mcg of synthroid and 20 mcg of cytomel?  I hear all this stuff about hyper and i am always scared. Also these pills are thyroid extract not powder,  will that make any difference??  My doctor said he has a few patients on this.    thanx for your response.  
Could you please send me the info on how to order. My PCP wil now only prescribe Levothyroxine and it's not working!!!! Help!!!!
Many thanks!
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these are NOT approved drugs from that source. These are supplements and OTC products...

If you want the scripted ERFA thyroid then go directly to them. cross boarders pharmacy is also a reputable certified source.

Your doctor has patients on thyroid extract? Is your doctor an NP?
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No, he is a M.D.   and these ARE APPROVED drugs from stopthethyroid madness.  You can also read the blog there and many people are taking this Thyroid-S as well as ERFA thyroid, Thiriod from Greater Pharma??.  There are also supplements that are listed but not as strong and you would have to take alot to get the same "old Armour" effect.  
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I tried to send a pm but it did not work.
How'd it go with edrugnet?
Have you tried the thiroyd?
I realzed idont know the ingredients but I ordered it.
Let me know..
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