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Natural Doctors?

My TSH consitently comes in at or above 3, and all I really want is to see if I feel any better with a lower TSH.  All the traditonal doctors I have tried are all the same.  Has anyone had any success with a natural doctor?  How would I go about finding one, and are they generally covered by insurance?

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Natural doctors and natural supplements are not covered by health insurance, but if they order bloodwork, that is covered.  I see a RN who is also certified in nutrition and natural medicine. Natural medicine can be very helpful.  I believe natural doctors are difficult to find. I found my place by talking to other people in my area.  Healthfood stores can be helpful if the person helping you is knowledgable about your condition, but I came across a women at a healthfood store the other day who did not know anything about hyperthyroid.  Try searching the internet to see if there is a natural medicine practice in your area.
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No typically they are not covered under insurance. Go to your local healthfood store and ask who they recommend or if there is even a holistic doc in your area. In my area we have a holistic type of magazine that comes out monthly that you can find at the healthfood stores, some chiro offices, etc.
I think I wrote back to you on another thread that you could also get a good thyroid support from the healthfood store and start there. Just ask them for a good brand. That would save you a lot of money to start with, or possibly help you feel better until you can find a holistic doc. Good luck!
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