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Natural or Synthetic ???

When I was first diagnosed with Hashimotos's, my ENDO put me on Levothyroid.  As my nodule began getting larger, my ENDO told me she wanted my to only take Synthroid, no generics!  So I have been on Synthroid for 3 years now.

I recently had a complete Thyroidectomy and a Parathyroidectomy, is Synthroid the thyroid hormone supplement I should take, or natural?

Has anyone had better results from Natural vs. Synthetic in regard to symthoms of being Hypothyroid?
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Same here, I didn't do well with the generic, as far as a much better choic I didn't see much difference. I am on synthroid right now, so that is what im going to stay on for at least awhile until I can get stable. Later in life I might try armour again.
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I have been on both (Synthroid and Armour) and really I can't tell too much of a difference.  I, however, can't tolerate generic levo!!

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There's a thread on page one called Synthroid vs. Natural Hormones you might want to look at.
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