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Neck Glands Swollen and Painful, Dr.'s not worried. its been 7 months now. I'm worried.

I have had swollen salvary glands since march 2010. Dr. sent me to ENT.  He said it's normal, it would go away on it own.  In Sept. 2010 I noticed the Salvary glands were swollen slightly more and now I have a burning ache around the thyroid area of my neck since Oct. 2010. I've also lost 30 lbs. since july unexpectedly. Last time I said something, the Dr.'s weren't worried, but I am.  Should I be?
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A standard look at causes with thyroid would be to run blood labs and then follow with a US scan.

You need these labs.

TPOab  should be >
FREE T4 ( should be mid)
FREE T3 ( should be in the 3/4 high end)
TSH - ( should be between 1-2) for most patients.

Stress these and a full scan
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I had the same issues with my salivary gland. In my case it was about 8 months of pain when eating, they tried every antibiotic to no avail. I finally had to have surgery to remove my submandibular gland, they called it  chronic sialdentis, along with two enlarged lymph nodes. All was removed & NO PAIN.....

1533128 tn?1292941912
1533128 tn?1292941912
The Dr. said that the CAT scan showed a calcification of a ligament and two lymph nodes.  I'm not sure what that means, I have an ENT appointment today....I guess I'll find out more today.
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