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Neck pain?


I was diagnosed with Papillary Cancer on 03/11.  I got a cold last weekend : ( involving my sinuses, especially on the right side of my head.  Anyway, all day today my neck has been hurting!  On the right side, it feels sort of lumpy inside.  Like not to touch it, just the way it feels inside my neck.  It's sort of like a sore throat on the outside of my throat!  It's uncomfortable to turn my head, and if I sit up too long it starts to hurt too.  I've got ice on it, which seems to make it a little better, and am resting my head on a pillow.  I don't know if anyone can make any sense out of this.  Have any of you guys had similar experience??

Thanks in advance,  sorry so crazy!

Tricia S.
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Sorry - I've been swamped and away from the board for a while.  I'm assuming that you have had surgery, right?

Ice is the way to go - it's probably lymph nodes and all of the neck irritation.
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and the infection/cold can really enhance all the feelings around the lymph nodes big time !!!  I still get pulling when my lymph gland is enlarged from a cold, etc. . . and I have no thyroid on that side LOL .. now they think scar tissue does it!

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Nope, no surgery yet.  Just this crazy cold.  My first surgery consult is 03/31.  

I guess I'll just deal with it. . . I didn't know if anyone had had discomfort/pain *before* the surgery, I just forgot to ask it that way.  Duh.  I guess I'm too tired to make sense!!

Thanks for responding!

Tricia S
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Okay - that makes sense then.  I'm betting it's because of the enlarged thyroid, the lymph nodes, and any irritation from FNA.

Ice it, try some zinc, and get some rest.
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Did you have an FNA recently, Tricia?  The reason I ask is because two weeks after my FNA I had neck pain on the whole left side that felt like I had whiplash and I also had a cold/sore throat.  The neck pain lasted about a week and the sore throat lasted maybe 3 days.  No one else seemed to think it was related to the FNA, but I couldn't figure out anything else it could be.
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