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Need Input From Experience Please

For over 15 years I have been on 60mg of Armour for hypothyroid. Levels have usually been pretty good with mild tweeking of levels and only the last three years we have found noduals but they have been okay when biopsied so all was good. 4th of July I had a seiure, I have them they go along with Lupus which I have had for around 18 years. partial complex, this time over two weeks I had about 15 to 20 of them horrible two weeks, my neuro had a MRI performed with contrast  to make sure I had not had a light stroke my office exam was so awkward. This is where things sort of start to go wrong with the thyroid I think. He had also had a chem panel drawn the first time I saw him a week earlier with thyroid levels they were al within normal levels at the time.  When the tech injected the contrast into the iv for the MRI it was like I got the worst  fiery sore throat ever but not really my throat I don't know how to explain it boy it burned  like crazy.  The Mri turned out okay no stroke but my neck began to feel odd to me as the week went on it became tender and my left eye hurt like it had sand in it. now my neck seems swollen especiay the right side and my left eye seems swollen, I have double vision at times and the sun hurts my eyes,  my vision is blurry and that is being kind, I keep trying to get into my GP but it is school physical time and he is backed up until Sept 4, how unreal is that? My eye doctor retired and I am  worried that something is going on different with my thyroid. any ideas from anyone else. Thank you. heeler50
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Excerpt from the University of Iowa Health Care - Graves' Ophthalmopathy...

"Mild thyroid ophthalmopathy complaints include photophobia (sensitivity of light), foreign body sensation, and increased tearing. Other complaints include discomfort when looking up or restriction of upgaze altogether. Blurred vision from acquired corneal astigmatism (irregularity of the shape of the cornea) is also not unusual. More severe cases may exhibit vertical or horizontal diplopia (double vision). Visual loss may result from corneal ulceration (damage to the cornea) or from optic neuropathy (damage to the optic nerve)."

"Ophthalmopathy occurs most frequently in patients with active or treated Graves' disease and in only 2 percent or less of patients with Hashimoto's disease (Wyse, et al.). Rarely, patients with primary hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, and those with other forms of thyroid disease or thyroid inflammation may have eye findings. (Albert and Jakobiec, p. 2938)."
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thank you is this printable so I can take it with me to a Dr visit? if I ever get one?
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I'll send you the website. Check your inbox.
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