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Need More Info..

My brother was diagnosed with having to much calcium in his body and he needs to have surgery on his neck to remove the glands and i was wondering, I have been feeling depressed , tired all the time, no energy, my bones are sore, not feeling hungry, blurry vision, confused, and i also have had kidney stones for about 7 months now. I was wondering if this is hereditary and if i could get more info on what this is called. Any information would be appreciated. Should i have my calcium levels tested and what do i need to have done?
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Could it be hyperparathyroidism?

Make sure he gets a 24hour urine test which measures minerals, etc. via urine and calcium as well as complete metabollic bloodwork.  Also to be under the care of both a good endocrinologist + urlogist.,

I produce calcium oxalate kidney stones but my calcium is normal.  I have had these tests more than once.

Kidney stones are herditary; not sure on the thyroid end of things, though sorry.

Having calcium levels tested is via simple blood test and/or 24hr urine.

Be aware of the kidney stones being hereditary .. not sure on your age.  My mother, brother and father all have had stones .. my most recent was a battle that lasted 3 yrs to get rid of the last one and they are very painful and can cause secondary issues.


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Thanks for the info. Well i am 35 and i have had kidney stones for 7 months now and i cannot pass them, i do know that my father had kidney stones and so did his dad. Is hyperparathyroidism dangerous?  I don't know to much about it and wanted to get more info on it. Thanks
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I'll do a new post and put out the ? for you .. C~
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Thank you so very much..
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