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Need help with my "Labs" High TSH etc...

Hello , im a 38 year old male I have been diagnosed with "Hypothyroid" since I was 28 y/o. I take 50mcg of levothyroxine 1x a day (perscribed by family doctor), I was recently referred to an "Endocrinologist" for further testing, He tested my TSH, Free T3, Free T4. I was needing to know what these lab numbers mean or are they "high", "low" or "normal, because I have been severly depressed, tired, sleepy, hair falling out, tightness in my throat, and having severe migraines for over a week now. Here are the test results, TSH - 12.50 H (reference range .47 - .468 mIU/mL) Free T3 3.57 (reference range 2.77- 5.27 pg/ml), Free T4 1.13 (reference range .78 - 2.19 ng/dL). The "Endo" also did other test, LH - 0.6 .mIU/mL, FSH - 1.8 mIU/mL, Prolactin - 18.4(reference range 4.1-18.4 ng/mL), Serum Testosterone 202 ng/dL(range 241-827), Free Testosterone 4.1 pg/mL(range 8.7-25.1) both of the "Testosterone" test had "Low" typed out beside them, I have no clue to what the rest of these test are about. I am only aware that I have hypothyroid. If someone could help me with all these numbers and explain a little of this for me it would be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks for your time, Shannon
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You might have a pituitary problem by the sound of it. The prolactin is high and for a man it shouldn't be!  With the low testosterone and your other results, the pituitary may have a tumour on it (They are NEVER cancer so don't freak out!)
  Being hypo is also to do with the pituitary gland. You would probably benefit with having a higher dose of your levothyroxine.
   Your endo should be able to figure it out for you as it is a fairly common disorder and quite easily treatable.
  Welcome to the forum too!
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I agree totally with Redhead.
Welcome to the form :)
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Hey Shannon -

I'm curious as to how long it has been since you received these last test results?  You are definitely high on your TSH.  I'm a 45 yo male with hypo as well as Hashimoto's and have numbers all over the place as you do.  I have consulted several endos and they are all in agreement that the 1st and most important thing is to get the TSH back into normal range and then retest others after euthroid (normal range) has been achieved for a minimum of 6 weeks.  Unfortunately, this condition is much more rare in men than women so I think it's a bit of an unknown when it gets into the other levels, testosterone, etc.  I'm surprised your levothyroxine wasn't increased based on your TSH alone.

This is a great place to get info and support.  Hang in there.  I would definitely get a consult on the dosage of your levo.
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