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Nervous To Increase My Medication!

I know this probably sounds stupid, but I'm due to increase synthroid Monday from 75mcg to 100mcg...probably due to my fear of meds and side effects, as I am very med sensitive. Had TT mid December and Dr started me out at 50mcg due to anxiety and sensitivity to meds. Didn't up dose until mid Feb (as TSH was 66!) to 75mcg. Had bloodwork done beginning of May (I thought it was a bit soon for bloodwork as it should be every 4-6weeks)..maybe he wanted to make sure TSH was coming down. Anyway, it came down to 36 and I know that's still high so he wants me to up dose to 100mcg, as it's been 4 weeks, he says it's ok. When he asked me how I was feeling, I told him I feel anxious on inside and body aches on outside. You don't think I'll go hyper, do you?? I hope not..I already get the racing heart thing...Ugh. He said he sees my optimal dose as being around 112 to 125mcg. PLEASE...I haven't had the FREES tested yet. He said he would at my next appt end of April, at my request. He's concerned about the TSH being high and is first trying to bring it down. PLEASE don't say that you need those numbers, because I don't have them yet. What I do have is T Uptake 1.01 (range is 0.66-1.27) and TOTAL T4 6.9 (range is 4.5-12.0). My initial bloodwork showed T Uptake of 1.08 and TOTAL T4 5.6.....that was the one where the TSH was 66! .....Question is, from the little information I have, do you think I'm heading in the right direction??? And also, do you think it's safe to go to 100mcg after 4weeks??? PS>>> I will have the FREE numbers soon. Thank you for letting me know how important it is to have proper and ACCURATE testing!!!  Without this site, I would know nothing!!!           Lynda xo.  
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try and calm down a little for your own sake- i would just do what my doctor says at this time. if you start losing wt and your RESTING heart rate is racing and pounding then you may be in the hyper zone. i know you don t want to hear frees but when you see those numbers they will be so valuable. i don t like to take any pills either but i feel more control at this time and you will too.  try and be calm and just tell yourself that you will do whatever you need to do at every turn and that you will be well informed and ok.    
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Thank you. I just hear so many horror stories of being hyper..you know? Course, being hypo isn't much fun, either! I have read on this site how important the "free" testing is and I definately will have it done when I get my next set of labs (mid April)..whether I have to write it in myself or get my pcp to order it. I am under an endo's care now and he and a whole lot of other endo's that i've contacted seem so reluctant to test them...but I have a better repore with my pcp and I know if I ask him, he will do it. In the meantime..I was wondering why endo didn't bump me to 88mcg. I guess his thinking is that I handled going from 50mcg to 75 without much problem. He always says when increasing meds, it's normal to feel some "extra flutters and cardiac symptoms" in the first couple of weeks, as your body adjusts. Being that I know 75mcg is not going to be my final stop..guess I have to keep going! Lol. Thanks for your advice! I hope you are well!      
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I wanted to mention also, that it's when I'm resting that i seem to notice my heart feels like it's racing. Not when I'm sleeping or anything like that...but more so, in the evening when it's time to relax and I'm just watching tv or something?? Weird..I know!  
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can you get your resting heart rate when you wake up before you get up> just take your pulse with a clock with a second hand and see what it is.  mine is usually 55 because i run but when i was over medicated with levo and t3 it was 90 and also i dropped 3 pounds from 115 to 112 over night and i knew i was feeling hyper. when i had my labs i was at .02 and my ft3 was over the top. ive calmed down alot. if you are feeling really hyper the dr will have to go slower.  they get very freaked out over tsh numbers. try and be calm, you will be ok. its a journey..
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Believe me, I know there could be much worse things...but this all stinks. Lol. Also, my pulse has always been anywhere from 70 to in the 90's...so we will see. Thank you!
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It doesn't sound stupid at all!  Having been through many meds increases and being sensitive to meds, I understand completely how you feel.  I dreaded every one.

Okay, labs aside for a moment (okay, no, I don't believe I'm saying that, either...but, just for a moment - we've been through the FT3/FT4 discussion on another post, and I know you realize how important it is!), take a look at your symptoms.  If you are already having heart issues from the last increase that have not subsided, you are probably going to have a hard time tolerating an increase at this point.  Yes, the point is to get you back in range ASAP.  But, if you move too fast and have to back off, you will ultimately be increasing the time it takes to get into range.  Perhaps you could ask your doctor about going to 88 mcg for a couple of weeks to see how that goes before increasing to 100?  Explain to him the heart issues...very specifically (your heart races...get HR numbers for him - lots of them throughout the day).  Tell him your concerns, and see what he thinks about moving to 88 first.

I understand that you have already increased by 25 mcg once, from 50 to 75.  But, you are not quite adjusted to that yet, either, or your heart would not be racing.  Do you have a BP monitor?  Doctors have a tendency to only listen to very concrete symptoms (numbers).  They can be unbelievably insensitive to comments like "...I feel anxious on inside and body aches on outside."  They often don't read between the lines.  

Also, the doctor might consider giving you a beta blocker to help with the HR until you adjust to the increases???   I hate taking something to counter the efects of something else I'm taking, but sometimes there's just no way around it.
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I was hoping to hear from you :).....It's a weird thing. Just a bit ago, it will feel as though my heart is racing, but my pulse is 75 (not high). That feeling comes and goes. I even remember after TT when I was in recovery it felt that way and I asked the nurse and she said BP and HR were normal. I forgot to mention that I have a slight case of Mitral Valve Regurgitation (...what's the difference between that and prolapse?) Have seen a cardiologist, holter monitor, ultrasound and ekg of heart, etc and everything else is ok. I also have low BP and cardiologist says no to the BB's as they lower BP even more. Maybe it's just anxiety that comes and goes? You know I have a problem with that. I don't know. Being it's the weekend and I'm to start the 100mcg Monday (I don't have anything else to take)..I guess I'm stuck taking it that day and I'll give endo a call for some reassurance and to make sure that's what I should do. Hard not for me to second guess everything being that I was misdiagnosed for 2years and ended up having kidney cancer. Thank God I kept "doctor hopping" and being insistent that something was wrong with me!! ...Thanks for the advice and hope you are doing well!......Lynda xo.      
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I also wanted to ask your opinion on the fact that I have anxiety, being hypo or hyper can make you feel like you have anxiety, and so can an increase in meds...........so UGH!!! How in the world can you decipher anxiety that I am causing myself of if it's something else?? I always have this fear that something really might be wrong one day and I'll say Oh it's just anxiety...in the middle of a heart attack, etc!!! I don't wish those "anxiety feelings" on anyone because when you're having them...it feels like so much worse and sometimes it's hard to tell if something more is going on. At least for me! I do take a bit of klonopin, but I'm not on a "theraputic dose" because those Benzo's make me too darn tired. I do take the klonopin daily so it stays in my system. I take it an hour or so before bed. Least I sleep good! Lol. With being hypo now, I could never take it in the day...I'd fall over!! Lol. Thanks as always, for listening to me ramble!...I better start making new paragraphs instead of a big blob :-)  xo.  
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Anxiety comes from both ends of the scale..both hyper and hypo.
Prior to RAI for Hyperthyroidism and Graves, I felt like I was sitting on a razor blade with my anxiety....even noises made me edgy.
The anxiety was unreal, depression was debilitating and I felt a big feeling of hopelessness.
Then RAI happened and TT and for a few weeks I was great!
Then Bnag!...anxiety came back with a vengeance.
I kept thinking...I'm hyper!
I was in fact..Hypo.
I was so 'used' to being HYPER and having anxiety with Hyper that I never stopped to think that Hypo could also cause it.
I am surprised that your Doc has increased you to 100mcg instead of 88mcg though.
Usually baby steps is the way to success.
But if after 2 weeks you still feel anxiety...see the Doc again and discuss the 88mcg dose.
Good Luck :o)
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Well, if your heart isn't REALLY racing, just feels like it is, I think I'd interpret that a little differently.  I don't know about mitral valve stuff (my heart arrythmia is due to an electrical problem in my heart...my heart is a bit "miswired").  However, I do know a number of people who report a "flutter" and have had heart studies indicating no problems.  No, BBs will lower BP, so that won't work for you.

One day on 100 mcg isn't going to affect your levels much at all.  I think it's a good idea to call your doctor for reassurance, and maybe to just remind him that you're the patient with anxiety and meds sensitivity.  Last time I saw my endo (my TSH stays around 20 due to a pituitary issue) he said that every time he sees my labs, he has his hand on the phone to call me to tell me to increase, then he remembers who I am.  He said that if he called me I was to just remind him...no worries there!!!

I wish I had an answer for figuring out where the anxiety is coming from...very difficult.  Actually, probably impossible.

I'd feel better about the 25 mcg increase knowing that my heart wasn't really racing.  I know it's a frightening feeling, but you do get used to it.  My heart gets over 200 BPM (and it really IS racing).  It's been doing that since I was seven or eight.  Pretty used to it, but still don't like it!
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Thank you both for responding! I am just going to take the 100mcg tomorrow and see how it goes. If it's one thing about my endo, he remembers I have anxiety.....sometimes I think it's about all he remembers! Lol. I always speak to him personally, instead of his PA because to me she is useless. When I first starting questioning about having the FT3, etc tested...she had no idea what I was talking about!!!!! Can you imagine? So, from now on, I only speak to endo. So, he is well aware of my anxiety issue and I know that's why he started me out so low after TT..50mcg. I personally feel he left me on that dose for too long and I ended up so hypo. As I said before, he always reminds me that when I increase, I might feel more anxious for a couple of weeks...but I am going to call him tomorrow just for my own peace of mind. ...OMG..200 BPM?? I don't know how you could ever get used to that? It has to be an AWFUL feeling! I often wonder what people do when they are hyper and sitting there feeling like they are going to jump out of their skin?? I mean, is there anything to counteract those terrible symptoms that go along with it or do you just have to sit there and suffer and wait until your med is adjusted correctly?? UGH! ...Wouldn't it be nice if we all had an easier disease where things don't keep fluctuating all the time?? Thanks again!  :-]          
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As I said, I've had it since I was about eight, so as long as nothing "unusual" (in the sense of "different for ME") is going on, I at least know that it's probably not going to kill me this time, either!  I do a little "maneuver" that usually stops it in its tracks.  However, when I was on my initial, too-high dose of levo, I got my tachy, and it went on for over twelve hours (very, very unusual).  I was on my way to the ER to see if there was anything they could do for me, when it stopped!  My maneuver didn't work for me that time.  Of course, my PCP said it had nothing to do with the levo...raised the eyebrow and said that I'd had it all my life, so it was unrelated.  Yes, I have had it all my life...episodes usually last seconds to minutes...sorry, twelve hours was NOT the same.

Actually, even if you do get hyper due to ovemedication, if you don't let it go on for too long, the symptoms go away fairly quickly.  My endo had me stop all meds for three days, during which the hyper symptoms mostly went away, and then resume at my former dose.  Mild hyper hung around for a couple of weeks, but definitely at a more "tolerable" level.

I don't know if you saw my post on another thread?  I was recently writing to one of our members.  His PCP had told him that FT3 didn't exist!  She even called her endo consult, and he backed her up and said it didn't exist!!  The guy only got his FT3 after asking the phlebotomist, who called the PCP and clued her in.  Yes, frightening!  The problem is that after going through all that to get it, you have to figure the doctor isn't going to have a clue what she's looking at when she gets the results (or how to interpret them).

Oh, BTW, I did like your idea about paragraphs!!!  It makes it so much easier to glance away and glance back and easily find your place.  Some of us have old eyes...you have to humor your elders sometimes!  LOL
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