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New Armour Not Working

I have been on Armour Thyroid for about 5 years now.  It took about 1 year to get stable after RAI treatment.  About a year ago, I started noticing changes in my health.  Severe fatigue, difficulty concentrating, constipation, water retention, depression, weight gain, severly dry eyes, dry skin, etc.  I just now found out that Armour has been reformulated.  I have been so sick and busy trying to hold down a full-time job and raise 2 children that I haven't even had time to do any research.  I actually quit my job and sold my home because I am so tired that I couldn't do my job and take care of my house.  I struggle every day.  i kept testing my TSH and free t4 through my doc and they are still stable even though I am in declining health.  I went to a rhematologist to make sure I didn't have lupus.  Nope!  Now I can clearly see that my health starting declining with the new Armour!!!  I am soooo mad.  I have an appointment with my endo this Friday and want to switch to Nature-throid.  Anyone out there have trouble convincing your endo to do the switch?
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Do you think you could be allergic to the new filler they use which is a micro crystalline celulose?  Forest Pharmaceuticals who makes Armour has a hot line for patients having questions or problems.  That number is 1 866 927 3260.

Some patients evidently do better on dessicated and some do better on synthetics.
Have you tried both?  Some who have had trouble with the new Armour have had better results on the Canadian ERFA. I havce heard that the Nature-throid was also re-formulated.   Some do very well on the new Armour at a different dose.  I do not see any labs listed with your post or comparisons so it is not clear if after the new formulation your numbers may have dropped a bit.  How you feel is your best guide to doseage so if you don't feel well it may be in need of tweaking.  Many people say the TSH is useless on combined therapy and that they feel best with the free T3 in the high normal range and the free T4 in the upper third or half.

Another concern is the possibility that you might have another health problem that is combined with your thyroid problem.  I have heard other members complain of severe problems when their thyroid problems were combined with mono or chronic fatigue syndrome.   Also my understanding is that the armour was re-formulated just a few years back so if you had problems four years ago it might have occurred before the re-formulation.

For sure your symptoms sound extreme and life altering and I hope you are able to find out what is causing them and find some help soon.  Please let us know how things progress.  Marie
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Armour was reformulated in spring 09, but some of the old stuff was on the shelves till June - July 09. Nature Throid was reformulated with the same filler around Jan '10.

It would be interesting to see your last lab.
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