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New Endo - Blood Test Requests

AR10 are you out there?!!  met with the new Endo last night - really liked him and was with him for ages.  I am going to put it in a journal post.  Here is alist of the blood tests he wants me to have done - his writing is practically illegible so bear with me!  
He wants the blood tests done BEFORE 9am - why?

Ok here goes - I'll try to decipher best I can-

Clinical Chemistry -

Creat,urea electrolytes
Cardiac Enzymes
Free T3
Free T4
Thyroid function
Fasting glucose

Heamatology -
Blood Fium ??
Anti TPO Ab
MIRNA ????

then further down on the form -

9am cortisol
Auto Abs
Anti Endomyson Ab ???

Then on a separate form -

Microbiology -
Tiremanon - so hard to read - just a squigle really!
EB viral S------- something - another squigle!


Is this good stuff - I hope so and I also hopr the lab can read his writing better than I can LOL!!

J x

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Forget it!

That list is too long! I'm not your whipping boy!(Hmm...)

Let's see what kitty or some of the other members have to say.

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Hi J.
Here is a web site that might help you.
Good luck with the blood work!
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He want's the tests run before 9AM because your cortisol level changes through the day, and he wants to know when the blood was drawn.

May make a difference on the glucose test, as well.

Come on people! It was a joke! Tell her what some of these tests are.

(Some of them are "the doctor can't write very well")


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I love a challenge :)  Here's what I found out.

LESN - tests thyroxine
Anti-Endomyson Ab - tests for celiac disease
EB viral...antibodies - is testing for Epstein-Barr virus or mono
MIRNA  - I can't find this as a specific blood test but it has something to do with blood protein markers
I couldn't find the last two. I looked under different spellings and didn't find anything that seemed even possible.

AR...the rest is up to you.....


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You did better than I did on the LESN and the MIRNA.

I think the tiremanon is mis-spelled, as I came up with a big zero.

The blood fium??? I gave up on.
The bone I guessed as a calcium test. I doubt it's bone density.

The others you mentioned, you came to the same conclusion I did. Celiac and Epstein-Barr.

He seems to be doing cursory tests on several organs and trying to eliminate a bunch of possible ailments.
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You guys are the BEST!!!!
(As always)....................

AR - you've not seen me in my 'Miss Whiplash' costume on the other 'forum' I visit have  you????  What were you doing on there?  My secret's out!! ;)

J x
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My lips are sealed!

Good luck with the tests, and the new Doc. :-)
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WOW!! What a victory to get such a thorough Endo. I am so happy for you!! Maybe you can get some relief now....
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I wonder if the two unknown tests go by a different name in the UK and that's why we can't find them?
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The EB viral S------- something - another squigle! lol...is for glandular fever .
Hope thats of some help...havent got a clue what the last one is though

Take care :)
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OK .. you guys ROCK!

So which two are we missing still?

I am lost .. but nothing new for me right?
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blood fium and tiremanon    We think that they are misspelled.  Hope her dr did better in med school than penmanship!!!
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The only thing i came up with in regards to blood fium was....blood flow lol...
Gees I'm hopeless lol

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I think one of the prerequisites for getting into medical school is bad penmanship.

"Yes, Bill, he has high marks and a good record, but his writing is legible! He'll have to work on that, or we'll have to reject his application!"


I should send my GP an apology for this kind of talk. :-I
Oh, look, the guilt is already fading!
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could it be blood film? i know thats used to test for disorders of the blood.

? sorry i couldnt be of more help!
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This is what I came up with before my first post.
I think it is acurate, but I could be mistaken.
Any corrections not already mentioned above would be apreciated.

Creatine, urea electrolytes- is looking at kidney function

LFTs- is liver function tests (I think, and there may be a couple of tests on the results)

Bone- ???? Calcium levels?? not sure

cardiac enzymes- not sure why he is running this. Have you mentioned heart symptoms?

CRP- C-reative proteins- measures systemic inflamation, indicates inflamatory diseases or heart failure. Rheumatoid arthritis, swollen lymph nodes, inflamed glands, many types of inflamation.

Free T3- yay!
Free T4- yay!

Thyroid function- may be several tests; T3 uptake, T4 index, Total T3, etc. Could see several tests run here that may tell your doctor something more than just your Free Ts.

Fasting Glucose- looking at your blood sugar, looking for hypoglycimia or diabetes.


FBC- Full Blood Count- set of tests measuring platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells, several other parameters that can indicate anemia, or several other malfunctions or anomolies when viewed with other tests like the liver or kidney tests.

blood fium??- no clue, sorry

LESN??- guy needs handwriting lessons?

Anti TPOab- thyroid antibody most frequently tested. You know quite a bit about TPOab, don't you? Indicates an autoimmune condition if positive. Used to diagnose Hashimoto's, although it is more complex than that.  

MIRNA ??- no clue

9 AM cortisol test- looking at adrenal function.

Auto ABs- some kind of antibodies. not sure what.

Anti enomysin AB- looking for Celiac Sprue Disease.


EB viral S---; looking for Epstein Barr virus I believe.

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OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What can I say...............................?(puts whip away sheepishly in drawer.........)

Thank you so much for all of this - I've been working on it too and the ones I could find out pretty much match.

Smilerdeb - yes, I rember now he said he wanted to check me for previous glandular fever.

I also have problems with wheat/gluten - I just try not to eat it as I get even more achey joints and terrible bloating/tummy upsets when I do.

Looks like they will be filling pint bottles of my blood when I go to fet this lot taken!!

Stay well everyone - HUGE hugs coming at you across the pond

J x
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Blood fium must be Blood film (for morphology RBC)
Auto Ab (Antibodies for autoimune diseases, like ANA's, etc)
MIRNA (miRNA???), marker for proteins as already said
In microbiology I only no Aeromonas, but doesn't fit here,
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glad you got lucky with your endo mine wouldnt test for anything, still im seeing a new one 7th july hope hes better. where abouts in london do you go?
good luck with the tests jackie
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