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New Labs...still no help. "Not bad enough yet."

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in January of this year after a six week, mysterious "illness." I am currently going through another bout of sickness.  Symptoms include diziness, short term memory issues, "foggy" head, welts on arms and face, rapid weight gain (without eating bad), sore muscles and joints, fingernails are beginning to bend back, headache and much more.  I know these symptoms are all familiar to you and I need your help.

I have seen an endo and a rheumatologist.  No one can figure out the severe welts that I get.  The endo says my labs aren't bad enough to treat.  I'm wondering what your opinions are.  

T3       95
T4       .8
TSH    1.98

My T4 was 1.2 last year and has gone down a point every time it is checked.  

I feel so crappy and am tired of feeling this way.  I have two beautiful, young children that need their mommy and a husband that needs a healthy wife.  In addition, one of my children has a genetic disorder and is tube fed, goes to therapy 3 times a week, and requires 24 hr. care.  I need my life back so I can take care of my family!!

I looked up the link on recommended Dr.s in my area that treat thyroid issues and found that most of them are naturopaths. My insurance doesn't cover their services.  The other recommended Dr.s are at the well known hospital where my endo is...not going there again.  She basically told me that I will continue to feel like crap but she won't treat me until my labs go out of the normal range.  

I'm stuck...please help!

You can visit my family blog at: oliversfamilytwist.blogspot.com    Most of it is about my son and our journey with condition.  

Thanks in advance for your time!
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Your levels are NOT normal. You are indeed hypo and, at this point, require treatment. Your endo should have treated your FT3, which is the most helpful.

Please consider going to a naturpath or a new endo.

Also, what has helped me tremendously was giving up gluten, corn and soy. Gluten especially can trigger Hashimoto's auto-immune attacks. Read


and you'll see what I'm talking about. By far, the best thyroid book I've ever read. It has transformed my life. I am sooooo much healthier after elminiating gluten from my diet.

:) Tamra.
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Might you have the lab range values to post in association with your lab results?  Without those, it's just numbers being considered.  Perhaps even what med with strength you're on for this?

I do hope things get better for you.
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