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New blood results

A long time since Ive been on , hope you are all well.
I have some test results . I have been having a few dizzy spells these last few weeks after gym so thought I need a check up. Your input would be appreciated .
kind regards

TSH         0.046             Normal : 0.35 - 4.94 µU/mL

Free T3                 3.97           Normal : 4.0 - 6.8 pmoI/L

  Free T4-        19.25              Normal: 12.8 - 20.4  pmoI/L

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I suggest that you keep taking your supplements and also supplement with iron.   For that you need to take about 65 mg of iron, along with Vitamin C to assure good absorption.  Take extra Vitamin C if needed for constipation caused by the iron.  I suggest that you need to take the iron for a month, to build up your ferritin level before changing the thyroid med and doses.  For that I suggest that you could reduce T4 by 25 mcg daily and add 10 mcg of T3 as a start.   A good target is to get FT4 and FT3 around the mid-point of their ranges, and then adjust FT3 as needed to relieve symptoms.  
Thank you .
I will  do as you suggested and test ferritin level after a month and let you know. Shall I also re test FT4 and FT3 at the same time ?

What was the date of your last FT4 and FT3 tests?  If fairly recent I see no need to re-test in a month.   Are you going to be able to get a doctor to change your meds as discussed?
I tested last week for ft3 ft4 etc . To be honest the dr saw the results and said they were ok and FT3 was just borderline  and to take another test after a month .  Very hard to find a dr here that will treat me .
I’ve tried to get  T3 meds but I don’t think they are available at all . Will continue to look for a dr
Hello again ,

Iron supplements are a bit confusing. My son got me iron 60mg but when I read the label it said equivalent to 12mg . ?
I'm not sure either.  Is the 60 mg the whole tablet, or is it supposed to be 60 mg of elemental iron?

If it comes to it,  I have heard that you might be able to get T3 med from Thailand.
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When last tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, what were the results?  

Also, did you take your 100 mcg of Levo the morning before the blood draw for those thyroid test results?  If so, what time and when was the blood draw for the tests?
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I only did my thyroid tests yesterday . I did not take my meds ( which I normally take in the mornings) before the blood draw. I did the test at 9.30 am .
I also did FBS as I was told a while ago I had to be careful with my diet as sugar was a bit high at the time.
Result for FBS 109.2 normal 70-115 mg/dl

I see my FT3 is low and FT4 seems good ? I havent taken VitD , ferrtitin B12 tests  for a long while now.
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Your FT4 is higher than needed while your FT3 is below range.  This is due to taking only T4 med, and having inadequate conversion to T3.   Having adequate ferritin is very important for good conversion.  That is why I asked about it.  Vitamin D and B12 are also important for you.  What were the last test results for all three ?  Do you think you could get those tested, so we can discuss your options for improvement?

Also, is that selenium dose for the week or day?  By the way I hope it is mcg, not mg.  
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Thank you for your reply :)

I will get my ferritin etc tested . Selenium is mcg per day . It helps conversion  too right and Zinc .
I was also reading that over exercising can cause FT3 to become lower , my last results were all good and I feel there might be a connection with me starting aerobics and putting my body under too much stress ?  
I got my results back for ferritin etc as follows:

Ferritin                     32.5                              Range - Female : 15 - 240ng/ml

Vitamin D (Roche)          74.39         Range - More than  30   ng/ml

Vitamin B12                     666.0         Range - 191- 663 pg/ml.

Thank you for any advice .

That ferritin level is way too low.  It should be at least 100.  I suggest that you need to supplement with a good iron supplement such as an inexpensive generic from CVS called Iron plus C.  You would need to start with one tablet daily and after several weeks add a second.  If it causes any problem with constipation, just take enoughVitamin C to prevent it.  

I believe your low ferritin is the reason for your reaction to taking T3.  Once you optimize, you should be able to take T3 as needed.  

Also, low ferritin reportedly can result in some symptoms such as the following:

difficulty concentrating
cold hands and feet
poor short term memory
difficulty remembering names
pounding in ears
shortness of breath
brittle nails
restless legs
Thank you for your reply, couldnt see it until now for some reason :)

I will start taking the supplement iron and vit C today , when will I need to re test and how much should I take plz?
Ive noticed also that I have put on a little weight which is unusual for me.

I was told  a while back by Dr. in uk  that Im  pre diabetic , I m a bit worried about my last reading FBS 109.2 range 70-115 mg/nl

I havent taken any T3 , the only meds I take is 100mg  Thyroxine plus supplements.

I was shocked at my thyroid results this time to be honest as back in October last year they were ,I think ok ?
I has Covid at the time and got full blood work done.

Mind you the ferritin was still low I see now. 76.60 range 15-240ng/ml .

Is it ok that I continue taking the same supplements and dose plus now adding iron ?

Appreciate you taking your  time in answering all my Qs

kind regards

P.s Blood pressure has been a bit low these days too through the day.
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Just adding symptoms and supplements.

Im taking 100mg levothyroxine ,
200mg selenium
B12 1000
Vit D 50,000 once a week

Ive been forgetting a lot more lately , dizziness is new but could be exercising too hard ?
Palpatations increased .
Feeling more tired these days .

kind regards
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