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New to Hashis - looking for some advise

Hello. I am new here but really pleased to find this site and so find many knowledgeable fellow travelers on the thyroid/hashi journey!!

I am relatively recently diagnosed with Hashis and adrenal fatigue after a ten year struggle to get a diagnosis.  I am on thyroxine and T3, as well as HC, progesterone, and a whole host of vitamins supports (I must rattle!).  My goal is to try and manage this condition, and to reduce the inflammatory side, in order to keep the drugs to a minimum.  Ultimately I hope to get of HC.  (although I LOVE it - it has given me my afternoons back!)

Anyway.  I have two specific questions... does anyone have experience of working with Dr Boydston?  He seems to offer a really thorough testing regime, but would love to hear experiences good and bad before stumping up the big dollars!

Secondly, does anyone know how to find out how much tissue damage has already been done to my thyroid?  It was enlarged, but no nodules or goiter as far as I know.  Would this assessment be done with a scan perhaps?  

Any comments really welcome. Thanks


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Glad you found the Forum.  I'm sure our members can provide some help.  You don't necessarily have to have an Endo, just a good thyroid doctor.  

I have no experience or knowledge about Dr. Boydston; however, I always have questions when I hear that a doctor charges big bucks.   It seems to mean that they have concluded that there are no good thyroid doctors in the area and there is enough of a demand for the service that they can gouge patients.  This line of thought made me go and look at the list of thyroid doctors recommended by fellow members, that I have collected over the last 4 years.  For your area I have some info that might be worth delving into.  Sending a PM with info.
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