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Newbies Lurkers --- This is YOUR thread -- stop by and introduce yourself -- we'd love to say Hello! .....

Welcome to Thyroid ... it's been so busy we may not have been able to stop by your post to {{{ wave }}} hello -- so this is YOUR post to say introduce yourself and tell us about your thyroid!

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Hi I am a mother of three boys and a wife to a great husband.  For the past year I have been back and forth to the Dr to try to find a reason for the deep exhaustion, restless legs, itchy scalp, low ferritin levels, low vitamin D levels and multiple other symptoms.  The Dr. is telling me that my labs are normal but she also is not recommending anything for a Ferritin level at 6 and telling me to just do over the counter vitamins.  I have and for the past year I have seen no change in my iron or vit. D level.

So I just had my levels rechecked and wanted to get your thoughts prior to my appointment in March.  

My Ferritin was 6
Did not get my vit. D rechecked
my FTI was 2.2
T3 uptake 31%
T4 - 7.1
TSH 1.489

I took these fasting and at 9 am.

I am on no medications am on a multi vitamin with iron and vit D

Its been frustrating as they have been wanting me to take antidepressants and saying that my symptoms that I am talking of are all from Depression.  I do not struggle with Depression.  So I hate going to the Dr. to hear that and have no confidence in what I am going to hear.  

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I am so glad I found this great resource. My TT surgery is next week, 2/4.
The information shared on this site will help me face the challenges of replacement therapy. I am already asking the Dr. questions and advised them I am not going to accept being kept in the dark.
I am taking the Thyroid Scale to my f/u appt and starting a diary/journal to record my test results and chart my symtoms/progress. I used one one years ago while caring for my mother and recommend it to everyone.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone for sharing and caring!
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I am going to repost for you in the general area, too so it gets seen by more members.  What was the orig Vit D # .. do you recall by chance?

Welcome ..

You are right .. why take a depression med and use it like a band aid if you aren't depressed!

You may want to do a community search on depression thyroid and/or a member named applecore who has had been battling depression and tried many alternative approaches .. maybe PM her and let her know I sent you .. she's a great member who isn't posting too much as she's a bit better now :)

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WELCOME .. yes, you are in a great place to get, give, share advice and knowledge and after your TT we are here for you every step of the way!!!!

So glad you are using the tracker -- isn't it terrfic!

May I ask what led to the TT ?

partial thyroidectomy 1/07
pap micro's
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Thank you for reposting and your great help.  I appriciate it.  with the help of a nutritionist I was taking 50,000 iud of vit d and was able to get my Vit D level up to 31ng.  My current Dr. stated that I could now just take a multi vit with D and Iron.  

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Hi there and welcome!
I highly suggest you go to the healthfood store and buy a food source iron supplement call Floridix (spelling?)....it is food source so it won't constipate you. A woman should be between 30-50 at her Ferritin level. Ferritin is your iron storage....ionized iron is your iron level in your blood. If your ferritin levels are that low, then your storage is that low.....probably why you feel so lethargic and rotten. Is your hair falling out too? Are you having dizziness? All iron deficiency symptoms.
Make sure the vit D you are taking is D3 form....you probably want to take 1,000 IU's per day.
Your TSH looks good, but you really need to have the other proper testing done for thyroid with the TSH: Free T3 and Free T4. I would also ask them to do some antibody testing for graves and Hashimoto's Autoimmune thyroid disease.
Hope you feel better soon!  :)
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