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Nioxin shampoo for hair growth


I read in a few posts that a lot of you have been using Nioxin shampoo to help hair regrowth and that the shampoo is recommended for cancer patients.

If you use Nioxin shampoo, can you tell me exactly which one you use? There are many different ones on their website and I'm unsure in which one to use for hair loss.


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do u have coarse or thin hair do u use color od perm in ur hair??
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also how bad is ur hairloss i am a stylist so i can tell u just what system to get once u let me know the answers
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Hi nonica1108

My hair is thin,straight and long. no perm, no color.

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Loosing a ton of hair everyday! Like a full handful after i washed my hair and then more during the day.....
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hyponofun u want to get the  system 2 the nioxin cleasner scalp theraphy and thescalp treatment they have the starter kits that is the best way to get it and also try and get the recharging complex if they have it to that is a supplement pill
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thanks nonica1108! that's really really helpful! I will try to buy it somewhere online.
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I am going to try the nioxin, can you give me a recommendation on which to get?
My hair is thin and fine (straight) colored (for graying). I have thin skin sensitive scalp.
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Absolutely love Nioxin.  I have thin hair. Not loosing it though.  But I use it  three times a week.   I did have a friend who used this when her hair started falling out. She had to wax her face alot because extra facial hair growth because of nioxin   just try to keep it away from your face..   LOVE IT
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Do you know exactly what this shampoo is and why it works?
I have been losing tons of hair (now you can see through to my scalp) because of a swich from synthroid to generic :( !
I would love to find something to help as this is upsetting.....

Has anyone tried this and gotten good results????

Im going to look for it on line and see what I can find :).
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i am using this for a few month now and i am not sure if it's help or not. since i am shedding a lot and Nioxin probably will not stop "old hair" falling off, but rather make the newly growing hair stronger. so it probably will take long time for me to see the difference.

nonica1108. based on your experience, how soon people will see the result? also i have heard that you shall not using other brand the same time, is that true? i sometimes need to use a anti dandruff shampoo because i couldn't find a Nioxin with anti dandruff.
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Nioxin is a really good product.

But you have to also remember that the body inside will need to strengthen too in order to get new hair growth.

You should think about getting on additional supplements and take fish oil to help out too.

Google hair loss and supplements - that may help
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As I thought more about it - it also dawned on me

Most hypo's have some sort of Vit B deficency. Vit B is also important for your hair.

As well as in healthy non related thyroid patients - Vit B is essentionally important.

Hypo's need their daily intake of Vit B 6-8-12. usually found in a B complex vit tablet.

That is also helpful for strengthening hair and regrowth.
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Thanks for the advice :) !!!!
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