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No blood test results

Hi on Monday I went to my local hospital to get my blood taken for thyroid, folate, ferritin and Vitamin B12 much more quickly as my doctor's practice had no earlier dates/times booked and I am getting more symptoms.

I thought that since my blood sample wouldn't have moved from the practice to the hospital (it was being taken at a hospital so I thought that would mean that it would not move buildings - and the hospital I had the blood taken is where my blood is tested for all four things) I would hear back sooner and I was under the impression I would hear back within a day or two.

Usually my doctor gets the results within a day and the hospital has taken longer than a day to get back to me and I don't know why.

I have heard nothing and I am getting dark circles under my eyes, low energy, carpal tunnel, pins and needles in my feet and my legs feel like blocks of ice.

If I have not heard back about the bloods does that mean everything is normal? I find that hard to believe as my ferritin is always low. Thanks.
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Just because they haven't notified you doesn't mean everything is "normal" and even if all is in the "normal" range that doesn't mean it's normal for you.

Call or go by the hospital and ask about your blood work and make sure you get a copy of the report for your records.  Don't just accept them telling you that everything is normal or okay.

If you're getting more symptoms, you'll need to talk to your doctor anyway.
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Thanks for reply.

I went to my doctor last week about my puffy eyes and she says thyroid problems do not cause puffy eyes or make them dry. Whenever I see my doctors about any of my symptoms they just say that they'd like me to see how I feel in 2 weeks' time. I go back and say I still feel the same and they tell me the same thing again. I just know I won't get answers from them when they say that.

Appointments are hard to come by at my doctor practice and blood tests are something like 3 weeks away if I decide to book myself in for one. (one is still waiting to be done for next week).

Would the hospital have the results much sooner and do they check them first before they're sent to the doctor?
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I see you're in U.K and I'm not sure how they do it there.  

Your doctor is wrong about thyroid causing puffy eyes.  That was one of my first symptoms to go away when I started medication and at the time, I didn't even know it was thyroid related.  

You've already had the blood drawn at the hospital and they would have analyzed them by now, so go try to get the results. If they told you they were sending the results to your doctor, you might get them there, or maybe you can get them from the hospital.  I'd check with the hospital first.

It sounds like you need a different doctor if they won't pay attention to your symptoms.
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Hi thanks for your reply. The nurse who took my blood didn't say if the results were going back to my practice but I went to my practice today anyway and I asked for a copy of my results. The practice says that the hospital didn't inform them I went to a hospital for an earlier blood draw and they haven't given them the results yet.

I moved doctor practices, is it likely that they went to my previous practice and there is a delay in them getting to my new one?

I moved doctors because my previous ones wouldn't pay attention to my symptoms. I have only had two appointments with my new doctors - the first one about my thyroid to be retested and the second one was about the puffy dry eyes and the doctor at that one recommended I take eye drops. I was attempting to push for an earlier blood test as I had fatigue and the puffy eyes added to the list. Scanty periods too, but the receptionist only wrote it in my notes.

I will give the hospital/practice another day and if I still hear nothing I will go back to the hospital and get a copy of my results.
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