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No insurance: Which one? Thyroid disorder, hormonal disorder or Ovarian concern?


Hello, I am an overall healthy fit 40 yr old single mom (2 children) with a very high pain tolerance and whom hit menopause early (year & half since last menstrual cycle). I have been without health insurance in the past few years and in dire need of some direction. I am not on any medication, only daily multi-vitamin & healthy diet. I'm rarely ever ill, no major surgeries and only history of Asthma & treated for Squamous intraepithelial lesions on cervix when I was 20. Though, my luck ran out over the past couple years as I have been tested, scanned and poked on since May of 2010 trying to seek resolution to the following issues at the local charity hospitals & clinics (wait list year long for specialty doctors so that's why I am still don't have diagnosis):

         Estradiol:  <12
         FSH:           140.5
         LH:              105.6
         Progestr:       0.5
           WBC            9.9
           RBC             4.94
          HMCT             45
         MCHC              32
         RDW                  15.
          EOS                  3
         Glucose            63
         Total Protein    8.3
         Albumin            4.6
         Globulin             3.8
        Sodium               146
         CO2                     29

   SO,  (11/28/12- Emergency room trip), I started having unbearable left lower pelvic pains that woke me up out the blue, within a couple hours I had what appeared to be mucus tinged with blood, pains worsened and blood became heavier (keep in mind I haven't had a period in year and half),  I felt a bubbly gurgling feeling in my belly and alot of gas, constipated, started feeling faint and dizzier after a couple more hours then finally to ER. They did abdominal xray showed calcifications but no free air, (see blood work below), CT w/contrast & sent me home with a piece of paper that said Heterogeneous Ovarian cysts and pain meds.

Findings: no free air, 2.5 cm heterogeneous ovoid structure in left lower quadrant, most likely an ovarian cyst.
Impression: Cystic appearing structure in lower left quadrant. There is increased density within this structure, may represent a hemorrhagic cyst.

Findings: Nonspecific calcifications in the pelvis.

MY MAIN CONCERN IS OVARIAN CANCER due to my above symptoms over the past 2 years. I only bled for 3 days but still have significant gurgling/gas feeling in belly in left upper quadrant of abdomen, occasional loose bowel that seems to contain alot of mucus otherwise still constipated and feels like when I can strain to pass stool there is something in between muscle and ? keeping me from being able to push it through. (sorry for the detail), and still having pelvic pains in the lower left quadrant (not constant ache but like a contraction wave pain and fullness in that area.

(8/2012 below test)
Free T4=  .70
TSH      =  4.26
T3 Uptake = 33.9
T4 (Thyroxine) = 8.0
Calc T7 (FTI)  =  2.6

(Aug 2011) Upper Endoscopy
Discharge sheet only states: Results: Reflux; Hiatal hernia   (given meds for heartburn & diet)

(July 2011) Thyroid Uptake Scan;  Nodule RT lobe

(Jan 2011) Thyroid Ultrasound - 4.6x1.7x1.6 cm X 4.8x1.5x1.5. Gland is heterogeneous. Enlarged

(Jan 2011) Barium Swallow, Echo, PFT
History: Dysphagia
Findings: Swallowing grossly normal, Sliding hiatal hernia noted but no definitive evidence of reflux.

(Oct 2010) Two view Abdominal Series (Chest CT w/o Contrast):
Findings: Unremarkable bowel gas pattern & several non-specific left pelvic calcifications. No significant mediastinal adenopathy.

(Oct 2010) Chest Xray at ER for shortness of breath - Diagnosis: Fatigue Syndrome & Chest Wall Mass - chest wall mass never mentioned again.

     1. Fatigue (to point of being tested for narcolepsy- dazed - trouble remembering, fog brain)
     2. Easily winded ( get a full breath - in addition to the swollen thyroid pressing on my windpipe)
     3. Bloating from sternum down to pelvic region. Severe that last 2-5 days (other days feels like my skin is going to tear i feel so swollen at times, itchy skin  as well)
     4. Eating (full feeling at sternum after only a few bites of food, take tiny bites to keep from choking, nausea after eating, cough up mucus phlegm right after I eat to the point I tend to avoid eating out due to above)        
     5. Weight gain (5'2 avg 125lbs till past 2 years- gained 40 lbs with exercise & healthy lifestyle)
     6. Severe hair loss & breakage (Minoxidil-not helping), wild dark coarse hairs sprouting on chin tho blonde
     7. Constipation 6 of 7 days & loss of bladder control when sneezing (not prior to now on bladder)
     8. Bruising (several 5-12 small dime sized bruising appear on legs for not reason several x's a month)
     9. MENSTRUAL CYCLE: Never had troublesome, painful or skipped periods till mid 2009- I started skipping periods though heavy and painful when they did come. Year 2010 only 4 periods total. 2011- periods (last being Feb 2011). 2012 no periods.
    10. Hip pain left dull ache & tender to touch or sleep on (to extent I had friend xray to make sure it was fractured see below)
   11. INSOMNIA!!!!!!!  
   12. Vision - Near sighted though, script has increased for 2nd straight year and blurry vision.
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You may have Thyroid issues, although without the ranges for the labs, it makes it hard to determine, If you could re-post with the thyroid related labs
and include the reference ranges provided with them. They did not do a Free T3 with the thyroid panel? If they did please include,it is a very important lab test. if you wish you can repost the other labs also but the ranges are needed for members to coment and advise Thank You FTB4
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Most of the thyroid tests they did are obsolete and of little value.  What's the reference range for the Free T4?  If it's anything like what we normally see, yours is pretty low in the range, and while your TSH  may be within the lab's reference range (many us outdated ranges), it's higher than recommended.  

Again, we need reference ranges, but your RBC may be a bit on the low side; this could indicate an anemia.  Additionally, your RDW seems to be on the high side, which may indicate vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Thank you for your reply. Here is the results listed with ranges. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I don't wont to waste anymore of the doctor's time, my hard earned money, time off work or worries if it's nothing. We all know our bodies and I know something is not right inside of mine. I don't allow it to slow me down much but I don't want to be any later in the game being "reactive" than I may already be. My mothers mom passed away 2 yrs ago with bladder & kidney cancer. My mother had a complete esphogectomy a month after with stage 4 esphogeal cancer & stomach. My father had thyroid cancer when he was 46 and had most removed (though he was hypert). I'm concerned about the thyroid but even more so my reproductive organs (even if they've closed shop. lol). Again, thanks for everyone's time and advice.

Testing within last 5 mths:

Thyroid Test    Results Range
Free T4`          .70 .6-1.15
TSH                  4.26 .3-5.0
T3 Uptake 33.9 % 20-38.5
T4 (Thyroxine) 8.0 4.4-12.
Calc T7 (FTI)   2.6 1.5-4.5

Thyroglobulin            49.3        .5-55
Antithyroglobulin       <20        0 - 40

Blood Test    Results Range
         Estradiol:  <12 </=34      Postmenopausal Range
         FSH:       140.5 23-125   Postmen
         LH:          105.6      6-55   Postmen
         Progestr:   0.5 up to.07 Postmen
         WBC         9.9 4-11
         RBC        4.94 3.8-5.1
         HMCT         45 34-45
         MCHC         32 32-35
         RDW          15. 11-15
         EOS             3      0-7
         Glucose      63 65-100
         Total Protein  8.3 6-8
         Albumin      4.6 2.9-5
         Globulin     3.8 2.3-3.5
         Sodium     146 133-146
         CO2           29 18-30

Older testing (8/2010)  of CA 125  was 19.1      Range  0.-34.0  
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