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Nodular goitar

Hi I am a 32 year female and i am 20 weeks pregnant. I just received my ultra sound because of complaining about breathing/tightnees issues of my throat.It states Large left lobe with large nodule.heterogenous, with macrocalcification and hyeremia, measures 5x2.2 and extending to the root of the neck. My doctor gave me levothyroxine with teribble side effect. dont know what to do.i stopped taking this medication, and doctor told me not to come back to him if i am not listening. :(
please any suggestions.
thank you
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Did the doc recommend a FNA (Fine needle biopsy) of the nodule before putting on any med's???
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No he he said that he doesnt do FNA because it could bleed and then he had to do the surgery right away. That didnt sound right to me either. All my hormones levels are in the normal range.
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You need to find a different doctor.

Not all hormones in "normal" range are adequate, particularly, during pregnancy.

Can you post your current thyroid levels, here, so members can better assess your treatment?  Please include reference ranges, since these vary lab to lab and must come from your own report.
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in theory high resolution Doppler color flow can be used to dodge major blood vessels. MACRO calcification is less worrysome then MICRO calcification.
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sorry for coming back this late.
these are the two test taken
TSH 1.149 IUML                      RANGE(0.35-5.5)
FREET4  13.40 pmol/L           RANGE(11.5-22.5)

thank you
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Your FT4 is very low in the range, indicating that you may have hypothyroidism.  

Adequate thyroid hormones are critical for proper growth and development of a fetus.

What "side effects" did you get from the levo?  It's not unusual for patients to report feeling worse for a while after they start the medication; the side effects are over or under medication.  Also be aware that it take 4-6 weeks for the levo to build in your system, so "immediate" side effects may have been fillers/binders in the medication.  Your doctor may also have started you on too high a dose; it's always best to start on a small dose and work up, as needed.

You need to get another doctor asap and get back on some medication.  
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Hi my mum has goiter and she has done surgery to remove the physical appearance of the enlargement on her neck but over the years we've seen that her neck is getting larger again.this is really putting her down and we don't know what to do now? Is there any medication she can take to reduce the enlargement? Thanks
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