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Nodule found after RAI?

I need some input on my Dx I got yesterday. A centimeter nodule was found on my lower left lobe on an ultra sound yesterday. While doing the scan I saw it. I wasn't sure if it was a cyst - tumor or  nodule. But IT was there. I told the tech I saw it on the monitor and (she knew I did)  I know her - and she said I need to to get the doctor, she might want to come a take a look.

Of course I asked her what it was and she couldn't tell me. The doctor came in and said it is a nodule but she doubts that it is causing the constant choking sensation. I suppose I need clarification and some guiding.

It is  spectulated that the nodule is the type of mass that should be benign - but will most likely need a needle biopsy. The report will be in the hands of my treating MD Monday morning. She also stated Thyroid cancer is common but good in prognoises.  Cancer?? What are the chances of it really being cancer.

I constantly clear my throat and cough all day long. Wakes me up. Recently I had a bad cold last week in the chest that seemed to have flared this coughing more. I have even coughed so hard and long I had a bloody tissues on more than one ocassion.  Morning is the worse. I posted enlightening threads about feeling like I was BArt Simpson and Homer had a hold of my neck choking me - all joking aside - that IS truely how I feel.

The area where this nodule is -  when my neck gets even the slightest pressure applied to it - or - I tip my nhead back  - I feel that sensation to start coughing or gagging. I can not feel anything on the outside with a neck check - but I do have that sensation of feeling like I have somones hands around my neck pushing on my gag reflux. They are concerned that doing the needle biopsy and coughing so much that this could be a problem.

For over a year - I have developed a very stiff and sore neck. At times it is so painful to move it. The pain mainly moves only on the left side like a feeling of something is "being cut off" and having a stiff neck like I slept wrong.  At times it feels like a pressure is cutting something off and I get a dizzyness or mild headache. Not often.

How can a nodule "grow " on a dead thryroid gland after RAI? I thought it was dead? could it not be?

Could the dead tissue after RAI be a possible problem contributing to my choking sensations?  I asked this but my response from the doctor was doubtful.

Could the nodule have been there before RAI? I had an uptake scan but do not remember any other scans done after Graves was found which is why the RAI was done.  

Can something like that develop  - after -  RAI?

In the past 4 years after I had RAI I must of complained to 6 doctors I felt like I had something stuck in my throat.  Never did any ENT GI endo MD PA Cardio  doctors do or say Let's take a look at that with tests. I must of been to the ER a dozen times explaining too. Until I started digging and found this forum I had no idea what kind of follow up tests could of been dones especially after RAI.

Everyone chalked it up to either acid reflux or panic. Shoved anticacids or Xanax down my throat and said good bye. Well if I have learned one thing it is they will get the panic Dx shoved down their throat the next time I am told that.

I do not want to go into this chapter now without some understanding on what I possibily should be looking for - or the expect.

I know I try to mainly post compassionate and encouraging thread on many posts for very confused people experiencing many different things I can relate too. I suppose on this - I need the same returned to me. I right now am confused and would like any advice possible to make me a smarter person on what is going on . Especially a little on understanding I suppose cancer - if you think I am heading down that road.

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NO - my gosh - I appreciate everything said here from many people. As I stated to another member everyone has their story - tell it!!!! I the reader has any intelligence they will sift out what is does not pertian to them and value what does!!! Any help should be welcomed - and I feel fortunate to have people willing to give me guidance.

Remeber 4 years I went into this and NO ONE was there for me - no family - friends- no help from my work - NO ONE. I was so lonely I felt I got the plague. and to this day - I have lost alot of what I thought true friends because I was no longer the "SUPPORTER" I was now the "NEEDER"  I consider being here the best situation I have found since I became ill and this "cancer scare" right now is worrisome - but I DON'T feel as alone as I believe I could.

The only thing is "my mouth moves faster than my fingers" so posting takes alot of time I have and in all our lives time is valuable.

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Hi, Stella,

RAI does not always kill off the thyroid and it is possible that you had a little tissue that was still alive.  Even though they say mine is dead, I still get the antibody check to make sure nothing is still thriving--I have this crazy paranoia that one small part will still be alive and my immune system will try to kill it--and go up and down all over again.

My thyroid always hurt when it was inflamed and swollen.  If you think it might be swollen, I would ask for a second ultrasound--when you are not having the fullness in the neck symptoms.

I think there should be some way to sedate you so that your biopsy goes without a hitch.  Coughing would interfere with the process.

Everyone reacts to RAI differently so it is hard to say regarding how the nodule got there if it was not there before.

You have to relax though--you can worry yourself sick.  I thought I had thyroid cancer at one point--but it turned out that I didn't.  I guess it is really normal for all thyroid patients to worry about thryoid cancer, but if you do have it--it might not be hard to treat. I'm thinking that you don't because you have had RAI already.

I'm usually the person that everyone knows NOT to call if someone needs comforting because I tend to say the WRONG things--so I hope I haven't upset you.

I will pray for you--and I hope your next appointment goes well.

Take Care.
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Yes Graves disease was my Dx

I looked back in my records and I am not finding the RAI dosage. But I do recall when I was getting prepped for the procedure. The doctor said that the dosage was going to kill the thyroid off completely. Her logic was "becaus they felt it was safer to distroy the gland completely and would be easier to monitor medication better if there was no working gland. Form some reason I remeber 100 mCi being the number.

I was told it was solid not cystic.

That makes sense on the swelling comment you made. My only question is would a symptom like this being pronounced 4 weeks after the treatment of the RAI - I have complaining since then.

I am working with only an MD at this time. He is new to me and I have only had him 4 months. I am impressed that he has helped me with medication issues.  Could you please view over my journal I wrote? It goes into such detail on my past medical history. I hope it will help you understand more.
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A couple of things.  

I'm assuming your RAI was for hyperthyroidism/Graves - right?  If so do you remember the dose?   A low dose may not have killed off the entire thyroid.  Even high doses sometimes don't always do the trick.  My sister has had three doses of RAI (first one at 100mCi and they have increased to over 200mCi) for recurring thyroid cancer.

Second thing - what *exactly* did the ultrasound report show?  Cystic, hyper-echoic, solid, complex?  All of those terms can tell if it *might* be malignant or not.

Third thing - yes, a nodule (and any swelling or regrowth of thyroid tissue) can make you feel like you are choking.

Do you have a good endo you can discuss all of this with??

Hang in there - we'll help you through this.
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Most nodules are NOT cancer. I don't know why the doctor would have said that to you.

Even cancerous nodules are highly curable.

I have no personal experience with cancer, but some on here do and I'm sure you will get good advice.

One step at a time. Wait for the report on Monday. Hopefully, they will do a FNA (fine needle aspiration) to r/o cancer. And you can go from there.

The most important thing is that you are getting answers as to why Homer has his hands around your neck!!

Think positive.

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Hope all goes well for you.  I am not educated on any of this.  I am one of those people if I get to educated I will end up in the ER everyday with some kind of problem  LOL.  Anxiety I mean.  Lots of prayers Jessi
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Sorry - I wrote this above at 2am - couldn't sleep. I hope it makes some sense.

Looking for thoughts please.
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