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Normal Blood Tests With Outrageous Thyroid Ultrasound Results?!

T-4, Free:  1.1
TSH, 3rd Generation:  1.76
Comp Metabolic Panel:  All within normal limits
Insulin:  5

I am a 22 year old caucasian female.  My symptoms are tiredness, excessive weight gain (mimicking "cushings disease"), muscle fatigue, throat tightness, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Amenorrhea x11 months, and Insomnia.  I am under the care of 2 ENT/Surgeons, 1 Endocrinologist, 1 PCP, 1 LCSW, and 1 OB/GYN.  I myself am a Bachelor's RN drop out and a LTC Social Worker so I feel as though I have the ability to assist in my own health management.  I am adopted but the family history I am aware of is non-contributory.  Upon my highschool graduation over 4 years ago, I weighed 135lbs.  I have gained, without prevail, over 60lbs despite a strict diet and exercise.

In April, I had a kiwi-sized Parotid Gland Tumor removed from under my jaw.  Upon insisting to my physician that I felt like I was choking and felt my neck was larger than it should be (even despite the horrid weight gain), even after my surgery, he ordered a US of the Thryoid.

"Right lobe:  6.9x1.7x1.7 cm.  Left Lobe:  5.2x1.5x1.6 cm.  There are numerous bilateral thyroid masses of mixed echogenicity, the largest on the right measures 5 mm in greatest diameter adn the largest on the left 8mm in greatest diameter.  The glandular echotexture is also heterogenous."

When I call for an Endocrinology appointment noooo one has any openings for three months within 45 miles of my home (I live with in 30-40 miles of Baltimore, Newark, and Philadelphia).  The one Endocrinologist I was able to secure that since my labs are fine that "nothing is wrong."  I am too smart to believe that.  

I want an honest, and professional opinion.  I have a 6-7 inch scar down the side of my face from my tumor surgery and tell people who ask that it was because I was in a bar fight :-)  I have a good sense of humor and can take the "straight talk."  So let's hear it.  

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Hello and WELCOME to the board.  WOW on the parathyroid gland surgery the size of a kiwi .. I cannot imagine that!  Sounds like your calcium is ok even though they removed that .. that is great news.  I have kidney stones and one of the very first things they did further testing on was my calcium to be certain the para's had nothing to do with their formation and mine are all normal.

Your surgery was in April .. when was the ultrasound done?

Nodules at the size you describe from what I have had and what I see on the board (although of course I'm only a thyroid patient and not a medical professional at all) should not cause any discomfort and usually all normal labs occur too.

They won't even biopsy (fine needle aspirate FNA) anything smaller than 1.0cm and your largest is 8mm.

The one thing I would strongly ask and request is for them to keep an eye on these nodules (I assume they are nodules .. did they use that term in the ultrasound along with the heterogenous term?) and ask for followup SERIAL ultrasound ev. 6 mos due to your history especially, etc., etc.

Depending on when you had the para surgery, I was ***thinking**** maybe your symptoms are due to scar tissue (adhesions) ????? Again, I'm not a Dr. but this can happen esp. in the neck!  That would not show up on ultrasound the tech told me at my last ultrasound .. she said something about CT being more definititve if my Endo was concerned.  But I'm not sure if CT shows scar tissue either or if she was thinking CT to rule out anything further in my case as more sensitive ?  This I won't know as my symptoms are very mild and transient with exercise.  My partial was in Jan 07.

I wonder if Kboa (I think that is her screename or similar to that spelling ??) may know more on the strictures .... she had mj. surgery ear to ear and has developed them.

Others may have some more thoughts,

Cheryl (ThyCa 1/07)
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It was my Parotid (salivary) gland that had a tumor.  They're also worried about my Pituitary Gland.  Is there a disease that just does around growing tumors on glands?

I don't know if I am very sensitive or what, but I have discomfort in my thyroid area all the time.  It was only by my proding that they ordered the test that discovered all of the "nodules" (yes, that's the term they used).

My whole issue is, my endocrinologist told me I was fine.  It wasn't until I actuallly SAW my results at my PCP's office that I learned that I was supposed to get a follow up ultrasound (the US was in May) and a Nuclear Thyroid scan.  Naturally, I do not want to return to the same endocrinologist that shoed me out his door.  My PCP ordered another US for me and I'm trying to get in to see another Endocinologist and no one can take me.

This is what is causing me a lot of worry.  I got passed around from Doc to Doc for my parotid gland tumor and when someone actually went in to take it out, it had grown so large that they had to cut my face much more than they thought, and did a lot more damage than they thought.  If I have to have my thyroid opperated on, I want someone to be up front with me now, not 10 doctors later you know?  

At the risk of sounding selfish and immature, I will say that I'm 22 years old.  I should be worried about what bar I'm going to hop to next, NOT if the jeans I wore today will still fit tomorrow, if I'm going to have to have another painful surgery, and what doctor am I going to be passed onto next, and if I'll ever get my menstral cycle back to give my husband children lol.  It made me feel better to get that out there, however, I in no way think my situation is any worse than anyone elses'.  I feel for all of the people here on this site and I hope everyone gets the results and relief they need.

Thanks chitchat, you've been very nice :-)
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You do have alot on your plate .... the good part with thyroids is that "usually" they grow slowly (nodules) but it is not unheard of for them to get large fast but very uncommon I believe.  Sorry I misunderstood (too early in the AM LOL) the glands .. I misread as parathyroid vs. parotid!  

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You are right ...  usually they do not grow quickly but sometimes they do - as in my case! I was hypo/hashi for 16 plus yrs with no problems then in a matter of a few months my thyroid and isthmus grew dramatically. We still are unsure why they did but even from the time of the US to the surgery (about 6 weeks) it grew even more. It was crazy weird.
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