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Normal TSH Levels

Recently, an MRI found that I have a cyst like object on my Thyroid.  An ultrasound will be conducted on 5/19 to determine if it's a nodule or a cyst.  My TSH levels were tested and came back "Normal".  However, I'm still feeling moodiness, hair falling out, my last dr's visit noted a low blood pressure, hard time concentrating or remembering things and weight gain.  My doctor thinks that I have 'depression'.  I asked him to test my T3/T4 levels, which he feels is unneccesary as the TSH levels were fine.  He said he'll do a testing 'because it's my blood."  He still feels that I should call Behavioral Health for counseling, but I know I'm not depressed.  

I'm 42 years old and Thyroid problems run high in the family especially with the females.  I also went off the birth control pills about 3 months ago after being on it for 20 + years, and wondered if this could be the reason for my symptoms.

Some feel I have Hypothyroid.  My doctor feels I have depression.   I'm not sure what to think at this point.

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"Normal" can mean anything from Hypo to Hyper. Often it means Hypo. Normal is 0.8 to 1.8, somewhere in there. "Within normal limits" is around 0.40-5.0. My lab uses 0.34-5.00.

If your TSH is over 3.0, you could be sub-clinical hypo and show all the symptoms. So if 4.2 is normal for your doctor, you may be in trouble.

You need to start asking for a copy of your tests and look at the results and see how they fall within lab limits.

With many tests there is normal, and then there is "normal".

If the tests haven't been ordered yet, ask for a Free T4 and a Free T3.
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Hi, I was treated just like you. Even told I had depression too, even though I just don't feel depressed! Also got the cyst like you! Felt sure I had a thyroid problem. My family history is so strong. But I kept being fobbed off as my tests were within normal limits. It's only now a year later it has started to show up in my blood. I am swinging between an over and underactive thyroid. I am also in a premature menopause which started at 40. I always find my problems are related to my hormones. When I stopped taking the pill I suffered terribly. When I lost my baby I suffered terribly from the drop in hormones afterwards. The same thing happened again after I had my daughter from the drop in hormones after. And now in menopause it's the same again only worse, so you may be right in that coming off the pill is taking it's toll on you. But menopause and thyroid go together and a lot of the time you can't distinguish one condition from the other. If I were you I'd ask to have your FSH and Oestrogen levels checked for menopause and I'd also ask for repeat thryoid tests at regular intervals. But you have to fight for this or they don't listen. So  good luck and I hope this  may of been of some help to you.
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Well my TSH levels came back as 1.13 (0.35-5.50 uIU/ml).  So my doc is telling me that I'm "NORMAL".  I asked for a Free T3 & Free T4 and he got kinda sarcastic saying that my "TSH level is normal and that there is no need to test the T3/T4's."  It's been a week since I asked for the test and when I spoke to him today, he stated that these tests take longer as it's not the 'normal' kind of test Kaiser deals with as most times when your TSH levels are normal, your T3/T4's are fine.

I also found out the my cyst is benign (whew), but doc says they'll just leave it there as there is no need to take it out.  I was in the hospital for heart palpitations over the weekend as I had a heart rate of 140 lying down.  All my blood & heart tests came back negative and I'm wondering if it's because of my thyroid.  I'm thinking of changing doctor's as my current doctor is abrupt and rude.  Here is his version of the worst case scenario regarding my cyst, "if you have a malignant nodule, most cases people DIE of the symptoms rather than the cancer itself".  Now, can you imagine me on the other end of the line listening to this?  I like people who tell it like it is, but ummmm, this is a little brash.  He INSISTS that I need to speak to a shrink as he thinks I'm suffering from Anxiety.  While in the hospital, they gave me Xanax like it was candy.  All it did was make me sleep and groggy the next day.

Thank you for taking the time to write me back and share your thoughts and conditions.  I will ask to check my FSH & Oestrogen levels as well.  Yeah, things really got rough after I stopped taking the pill.  I will have it checked.  

Thank you again.
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It might be a good idea to ask for a thyroid panel an It is a more detailed report of thyroid and parathyroid functions. Signs of Hyperthyroidism can be heart palpitations, Inability to sleep, hard time sitting still, brittle hair, confusion. I have had thyroid disease since 1995. I have the type that flip flops from hypo to hyper. Unfortunately now I in hypo. I have a hard time with doctors understanding a TSH level that is right for me. When I am not feeling right I let my doctor know and luckily the one I have now is good at listening to me. In one year I went to three different doctors who all had me at different levels that were considered "normal"  You may consider a second opinion if that is an option.
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Got my T3 & Free T4 results back and I guess I'm normal?

T3 - 97   (60-181 ng/dl)
Free T4 - 1.2 (0.9-1.8 ng/dl)
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Well, I'm tempted to say sorry to hear that, but you don't want thyroid problems anyway, so congratulations.

Now if your doctor could just figure out the next most likly cause for your symptoms and test for that...

How are you feeling?  
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