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Normal calcium or not? any input would help!!

I am a 19 year old male whos health has greatly declined over the past year. Have been through various tests including blood work and all have came back normal. One thing my doctors have noticed is that my calcium has been slightly elevated for the past year.

In a referance range of 8.8-10.2 my calcium has been as follows:

10.1 on Jan 16, 2014
10.5 on Jul 18, 2014
10.3 on December 30, 2014
10.3 on January 18th, 2014

Are these levels normal for a 19 year old? Or am i possibly at risk for hyperparathyroidism? (Was also diagnosed with Graves' disease a few years ago but in remission now.)

I consistently feel just all around bad, with constant heart palps and inability to exercise and concentrate. Sometimes have stomach bloating, and a white cloudy urine. Also feel aches and pains all the time, especially when waking up.

Have had full range of cardiac tests come back normal.

Hyperthyroidism? Something else?
Please help if you can. I would love to live again.
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