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Normal test results and now high

Hello - I've been on my thyroid journey for about a year.  Trying different levels of medication.  My original T3, T4 and TSH were in the low normal range but I tested positive for antithyroglobulin antibodies so started on 50 mcg.  My values were still on the low end of normal so we popped up to 100 mcg.  Values went up to the high end of normal so we settled down to 75 mcg.  Now with the two blood tests I have had at 75 mcg my levels have shot way up and way down (which makes no sense).  

T4  3.3  Range .71 - 1.7
T3  7.36  Range  2.5 - 4.3
TSH <.005  Range .27 - 4.2

Does anyone have any thoughts?  I appreciate any input.  Thank you.
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What were your FT3, FT4 and TSH on 100 mcg?  How long after starting 100 mcg was that test?

How long after cutting back to 75 mcg were the results you posted?

Any changes in meds brand?  Diet?  Other meds?  Supplements?  Anything, even if it sounds insignificant?
on 100 mcg I was:
FT3 3.6 pg/ml (2.3-4.2)
FT4 1.7 ng/dl (.8-1.8)
TSH low at .01 (.4-4.5)
These levels were recorded on Synthroid 100 mcg.  Then I wanted to try Naturethroid so I took 1 grain of that for about 3  months but wanted to change back to Synthroid because my fingernails started getting bad again.  Levels on that were:
1st check:
FT3 5.3 pg/ml (2.3 - 4.20
FT4 1.7 ng/dl (.8 - 1.8)
TSH still low at .02 (.4-4.5)

Checked again 2 months later:
FT3 6.78 pg/nl  (2.5 - 4.3)
FT4 2.1 ng/dl  (.71 - 1.7)
TSH .007 (.27 - 4.2)

So looks like things started going up with the Naturethroid.

Switched back to Synthroid at 75 mcg the end of Jan.  March check:

FT3 7.54 pg/nl  (2.5 - 4.3)
FT4 3.11 ng/dl (.71 - 1.7)
TSH w/FT4 Reflex (not sure what that means) <.005 (.27 - 4.2)

I thought it was a fluke so we re-tested about 5 weeks later (same ranges):

FT3 7.36
FT4 3.3
TSH, 3rd Gen (not sure what the 3rd Gen means) <.005

At this point I've talked to my primary about going to an endo.

Diet about the same, no new meds and frankly I forget to take my supplements most of the time (just laziness I think).
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Correction - the reference on the FT3 is pg/ml.  I noticed I put nl in a couple of the above.
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Did you take your meds before the test, or after?
Have you changed what you eat for breakfast, or the timing of when you take the meds?
I take my meds always around 5:00 am when I get up to pee.  I have not changed my breakfast nor my timing.  Once in awhile I may not take until 7 or 8 am if I don't wake up at 4 or 5 but that is the exception and not the rule.
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Both FT3 and FT4 are well above range and have been for quite a while.  Do you have hyper symptoms?  It would appear from your numbers that you don't need to be on meds.  

"TSH w/reflex to FT4" is a direction to the lab.  It means:  Test TSH.  If it's in range, go no further.  If it's out of range, test FT4.

"TSH, 3rd Generation" is just the name of the test.  
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