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Not sure if i have graves disease or not

So back in january of 2018 my cholesterol was found to be high. It was 214 so my family doctor was concerned about it and decided to check my thyroid levels to see if that is what was causing it. My tsh was found to be low at 0.518 and my family doctor did an ultrasound on my thyroid which was normal. He ended up sending me to an endocrinologist to figure out why I had low tsh. She tested my tsh again when I had my first appointment with her about a month and a half since my family doc checked my bloodwork and it was 0.254 and my free t4 was normal at 1.07 and total t3 was 206. She also tested for the antibodies and the thyroid perioxidase was high at 28.2 and I think the other 2 antibodies were normal. She had me get a thyroid uptake and scan done and after i had that done they called with the results and said i had graves disease so she started me on methimazole 5mg. That was not raising my levels enough so 3 weeks later she upped it to 10mg. She checked my blood work 3 weeks later and that was not enough. She then put me on 15mg and then checked my blood work after a while and had wanted to up it to 20mg but I told her I didn’t feel that was right so I would just take the 15mg and she said that was fine. Well i decided to get sent to a different endocrinologist because I wasn’t too fond of her. Well i went and seen the new specalist on ovtober 2nd of this year and he said he doesn’t think I have a thyroid issue and never did. So now I am confused on whether i have an issue or not. He reduced my medication down to 10mg and wants to get me off it completely eventually because he doesn’t think i have an issue. He teated my levels before I reduced my medication and my tsh was 1.810 and my free t4 was 0.75. I am just not sure what to do at this point since i had one specialist diagnose me with graves and give me medication and now he is telling me I dont have it. Any advice?
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Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are high with Hashimoto's thyroiditis or Graves disease. Cholesterol wise, after a bad diet, hypothyroidism is the second most common cause of rising cholesterol levels. Hyperthyroidism decreases cholesterol.
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Okay, my question is do i have some sort of thyroid issue or not? Especially since i saw one endocrinologist who said i had graves disease and am now seeing a different one who says I don’t have a thyroid issue at all. If i don’t have a thyroid issue then what was causing my tsh to be low?
My new endocrinologist tested my thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin too and the results came back on saturday but I have not received a call on what it means. My result was <1.0 and the standard range is <=1.3.
It is conflicting info.  I think you might have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Elevated cholesterol, high TPOAb, TSH can be low or high, and uptake can be higher due to Hashitoxicosis  (leakage of active Hashi's usually but in some cases both Graves and Hashi's antibodies).
Okay, well the endocrinologist that i see now has reduced my methimazole down to 10mg because he wants to get me off it completely because he doesn’t believe I have a thyroid issue at all. I am worried that I do have some sort of thyroid issue even if its not graves disease. He wants me to take the 10mg of methimazole for 2 months and then check my bloodwork and then after my bloodwork reduce it down to 5mg and take that 2 months and then check bloodwork again and then have me conpletely stop taking it after that. I am afraid of him taking me off medication and saying that I dont have a thyroid issue but I really do have an issue and me to start having symptoms or issues because I do have a thyroid issue. I am not sure if I should keep seeing this endocrinologist or If i should go get a 3rd opinion since this is the 2nd endo I have seen.
I'd see another endo. High TPOAb is not seen in healthy people. It is an antibody that is attacking your thyroid gland.
My TPOAb result was 28.2 and the standard range is <9.0. My new endo has not tested this antibody. He also didn’t have all the labs and results that my previous endo had done so I had to call my old endo’s office for them to send everything over to my new office.
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