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Not to be daft, but two RAI's??

I seem to be just now noticing that there are two types of RAI?  I have hyperthyroid, and did RAI.  I took a small pill, stayed in isolation for 3 days...and am now just waiting.  But I have commented on a few other people who have RAI, and it seems they had a different experience or much much much more medicine given to them.  So is it different treatment if you have cancer or are hypo?  I'm not trying to be daft, lol!! But I would like to connect with some one who had just the "general" RAI or whatever.  I have no nodules, no cancer, nothing...just graves'.  Are there two different types of treatment and any one wanna connect up about the "general" RAI?  Thanks so much!

Mellowscout...oh so confused.
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How are you going after RAI?
Good I hope.
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Aaaah, thank you!  One is the scan I had to find out if I had a thyroid problem and the other is the RAI I took afterwards to kill my thyroid.  Now I get it. Thanks!

Mellowscout...not confused.
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I had i-131 RAI to albalte my thyroid due to Graves, Hyperthyroidism and episodes of thyroid storm.
I was given RAI as surgery was too risky at the time.
3 days before RAI, it was found my whole thyroid was cancerous so 3 months after RAI, I had keyhole thyroidectomy to be on the safe side.
Stella is right about the RAIU 1-123(radioactive iodine uptake) and i-131 to ablate the thyroid
Graves sufferers get the same RAI and Hashi's do.
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RAI   = I131 - is a form of radiation that kills off the gland regardless of surgery for cancer or if you have Graves disease.

RAI   = I123 is a scanning RAI to exam the gland with uptakes or whole body scans. The organs and nodes secrete the Iodine and arwe visible in scans.

I have Graves and had RAI in 2003.
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