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I guess it was about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and after I started taking Synthroid and the slowly increased my dosage, I started feeling better, dropped weight, etc. Recently, as I go back every 3 months for labs, they have had to increase my dosage and I'm now up to 200mcg. I was taking 150mcg for the longest time, then 175 now 200 and yet I'm still fatigued, gaining weight and I eat very little and very healthy. I've already had an utlrasound done which came up with nothing. Is there anything over the counter or foods that I should be eating to get back to where I was? I have also recently been suffering from what seems like a very slow digestive system only to have my RPN tell me to take Zantac 150 when I described my symptoms.
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I don't know but I feel your frustration.  I know that the more hypo I am the more constipation issues I incur!  Also, keep in mind that Zantac can cause looser GI issues so don't be surprised just in case that happens.  Do they think you are digesting food slowly or is it the "other end" slowing up?


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I think I'm digesting it much slower. Depending on what I eat, it seems as though I get extremely bloated at times and a slight tightness on the right side under the ribs. Some tell me it sounds like my gallbladder but wouldn't that have shown up on an ultrasound. This has really become annoying. Never knowing what caused it and what doesn't. It's not the typical things that you would think would. I usually don't have a problem with spicy food but lately peanuts kill me. I'm also still feeling very tired during the day even after my dose (synthroid) was increased from 175 to 200 a couple of weeks ago.
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