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How have all your tests turned out?  If you've posted it some where I missed it.  Has Methuselah come up with any more answers yet?

Am awaiting the results from my second cortisol test and my testosterone free and total, to see where I need to go from here.  Hope they come up with something soon.  Am so tired of yada, yada, yada.  

How's Herbie?  Hope he turns into The Incredible Shrinking Nodule!  lol

Take care.
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Hi Dearie! :)

No real answers yet.  Had the "girlie stuff" checked out last month.  Everything's normal there, except for the cysts, which the Gyn isn't worried about.  Want to get copies of the u/s report and the path report for the pap smear, just to make sure.  Find out the GI biopsy results on Oct 3rd.  Feh!  Hate the waiting!  I can deal with whatever the answers are, either way, but the waiting is driving me nuts(er)!  Want to ask the Gastro about the diverticulosis and if it can cause the digestive problems I've been having.

Still haven't seen Methuselah yet.  Have an appt next week and want to talk about a whole lot of stuff.  Lists are good.  Lists are my friends. *nodding and smiling*  I want to get my Bvits, calcium, ACTH/cortisol, aldosterone, and renin checked.  Also want to talk to him about some possible food sensitivies that have been popping up.  I think I'm sensitive to corn and possibly dairy.  AGH!  

Thinking part of my problem is the untreated adrenal fatigue.  Found that adding sea salt to my diet makes me feel better, so that's a big sign that the adrenals are pooped.  Already had the 24-hour cortisol saliva test done, which showed I was borderline at the time, but want to do it again through a different lab.  Also want to be tested for candida, which goes hand in hand with high mercury levels.  It might explain some things too.

Herbie's about 1/2 the size he originally was.  Even I have a hard time seeing the lump in my neck these days.  I'm due for an ultrasound/FNA in Oct and will find out for sure then.  With any luck, pretty soon there won't be enough left of Herbie to warrant a biopsy. ;)

Good luck on your testing.  It sounds like your endo is doing all the right things to find an answer.

Keep those chickens roasted and your tinfoil hat on!
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Boy, that's a lot of tests!  Amazing how many tests they can run on one body, huh?  Whew.

Am so glad to hear that Herbie is shrinking!  YEAH!  You're "controversial" treatments are working, huh?  Sounds like maybe they need to do MORE research into this.  We all know they just need to find out more about the thyroid all the way around.

Got my results back, well, the endo did anyway.  Her nurse called me while I was on a mini vacation this weekend and told me the cortisol and testosterone were both normal.  Will have to call to get copies sent to me.

Go to the gyn on Tuesday for a check on everything and to hopefully set up surgery.  Am ready to have Aunt Flo rubbed out.  If you've been reading the beeotch has been visiting   W A Y  to often and staying  W A Y  too long.  Took her on vacation with me, of course.  She goes every where I go.

Hope you find out something soon.  Keep me posted and let me know what Methuselah has to say this week.

Too tired for roasting chickens or tinfoil hats!  Need a good rest after the vacation!
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Good news on the cortisol and testosterone!  At least its two more things to scratch off the list. :D

Are you going to get a partial or a full hysterectomy?  My Gyn mentioned something about an endometrial ablation, which seems to work really well to stop Auntie Flo in her tracks without removing anything.  Ever had your ferritin tested?

The Gastro called this morning... finally.  Everything came back NEGATIVE!  Woo!  I see him on Wednesday for a follow up.

I see Methuselah this afternoon.  Waaaaay past due.  Was supposed to see him in late August, but my schedule was just nuts.  Also wanted to get the Gyn and Gastro stuff taken care of before seeing him.  Will let you know what he says.
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Well, apparently no hysterectomy right now.  He thinks it can all be fixed with meds.  He thinks I am going into full-blown menopause.  I'll take it.  We'll see on that one.

The dx my endo gave me on the PCOS was WRONGO!  Was officially dx today with it.  So we have that in common.  He also said he is 99.99% sure that I am insulin resistance without the tests being done yet.

Did a head-to-youknowwhat exam today plus an endometrial biopsy.  Would not recommend that without big time drugs.  Was horribly painful.  Also drew blood for lots of tests including TSH.  Go figure.  Go back next week for my 1-hour u/s.  Sound familiar?  How did you stand that?  Think I'll take a pain pill first.  The next week he said we would meet to discuss all my test results and do a test where he does a D & C in the office using water solution.  After I thought about figured it was an endometrial ablation, so looked it up and sure 'nough.  Won't be doing that one.

Know how much you research things before you have them done, so make sure you REALLY research the ablation.  Have known some women who had it done and then went back in for hysterectomy.  Not only did it not work, BUT if you mess up and get pregnant after having it you can DIE!  So if there is any possibility of that I wouldn't do it personally, and I'm not.

Will go to another dr at the beginning of the new year for breast exams and surgery.  Reduction, not augmentation!  This gyn is not equipped well enough for my problems there so he decided to pass me along to some one who is.

Keep me updated on all the latest and I will let you know.  Sounds like we could trade war stories!  lol

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Ack!   How's your blood pressure and cholesterol?  (can't remember fer nuthin')

Methuselah mentioned something to me Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), which includes the PCOS, insulin resistance, high BP and funky cholesterol.  He also said something about an adrenal/genital syndrome, but I can't remember the name for it.  Once again, he emphasized cutting out all refined flour and sugar.  I'm doing rather well on that front, but there's still room for improvement.  He'd like me to try to lose the belly fat, which he says is a huge contributor to all this.  Yeah, right.  If I could lose that, I would.  I seem to be stuck at this weight, no matter what I do.  At least I'm not gaining anymore.

I've never had an endometrial biopsy, but had a cervical one done.  Ow!  I can't even imagine.  The u/s was uncomfortable, but not unbearable.  As usual, my humor-as-defense-mechanism kicked in and I actually had fun with the u/s techs.  Apparently, they weren't accustomed to people joking during procedures like that.  I figured, even if the reason for having the u/s was serious, the whole position and situation was really kinda funny.  Full bladder.  You want to put what where?  Might as well roll with it.

The Gyn gave me a pamphlet on the ablation thingy.  It went into the trash after I read it. I've talked online with a couple of gals who have had it done with good results, but don't think its for me.  Believe it or not, just modifying my diet has helped to shorten my periods.  They're only 5-7 days now, instead of the usual 7-10 days.  It might be something to look into?

Mind passing along some of your.. ummm... errr... bounty?  Even with the weight gain, I ain't got no boobs!  Try finding a 42B bra sometime.  Sports bras have become my friend, although I only wear one when I have to leave the house.  Usually "the girls" are flying free. ;)

I'm seeing the Gastro today for the follow-up appt.  Don't really expect much.  It'll probably be "see you in 5 years" and that'll be it.  

Hopefully, they'll find some answers for you in this latest round of blood testing.  Definitely keep me posted on all the stuff they find (or don't).
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Read something some where about Metabolic Syndrome, but had completely forgotten about it.  My BP is border line high, and I have absolutely no idea what my cholesterol is like.  Am thinking I may make an appt for this week with PCP to have labs done for cholesterol and insulin levels.  Is a little shorter drive time than the obgyn.  Am going to have to check out that adrenal/genital syndrome.  Sounds interesting to say the least.

What do you mean full bladder for the u/s?!  Was that a requirement or just a happenstance?  Hoping for the latter!  =\  Hope my sense of humor kicks in during this one.  It was absent as absent could be yesterday.  But Monday night my doggy died and I was SOOOOOOO depressed.  Whoa is me, huh?

Would love to pass along some of my bounty!  Got 20 more friends you would like to bring along?  Could donate to all of you.  I wear a 44DD, but that is sooo small for me.  Back years and years ago I refused to go bigger than a DD, and I have stuck to it.  I don't wear a bra that's not a minimizer and they should probably be something like KK. :(   Before I have the surgery done I am going to go some where that they custom fit bras to you just to see how big of one am suppose to be wearing.  Being big busted came from both sides of my family and went WHAMMY on me!!!  CANNOT understand why people do this to themselves on purpose!  Want to be a good solid C, nothing more, nothing less.  I'm so ready.

How did it go with the Gastro?  Hopefully we'll both be finding some answers soon.  Keep me posted.

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{{{{{ Dac }}}}}} I'm so sorry about your doggie! :*(

I'm trying to find info re: the adrenal/genital thing, but can't find anything other than texts related to pseudo-hermaphrodites.  Eek!  Ummm. No.  Not applicable.

If you're getting a pelvic u/s done, you have to have a full bladder.  Really full.  Pee-pee dance full.  Its just like the ultrasounds they did when you were preggers.  If you're just getting the trans-vag ("just" she says ;P ), then there's no need for the full bladder.  They usually do the pelvic first, let you go potty, and then do the trans-vag.

Good grief, woman!  Your cups runneth over!  No wonder you want to get a reduction.  I'd kinda like to have a full C cup as well, but unless something drastic changes, that ain't gonna happen.  Hubby gave me a $100 certificate for Victoria's Secret, but their sizes don't go any bigger than 38.  Feh!  Guess its one incentive to lose the weight.  I'd have smaller boobs, but at least I'd be able to find a nice push-up bra in my size.

The visit with the Gastro was more than expected.  Everything was ok and I thought we were pretty much done.  But noooo.  Since the scopes they use aren't long enough to check everything, he wants me to do one of those smear tests to check for blood in my poo.  If that comes back positive, then he's going to send me down to Philly to get one of those little camera pill thingy tests done.  Swallow the camera and it takes pics of your small intestine for the next 16 hours.  Guess I'll worry about that if/when we get to it.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting.  I'm going to be going on an Elimination Re-Challenge Diagnosis diet.  Basically, have to stop eating foods that are potential allergens and then slowly re-introduce them to my diet and note any reactions.  So, no gluten, refined sugar, corn, eggs, dairy, chocolate, caffeine, food additives/preservatives/coloring, peanuts, peas, citrus, processed meats, and anything fermented or with vinegar in it. Also have to go through all my supplements and see if they contain any of the restricted ingredients.

Feel like I'm going to be eating nothing but chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies for the next 3 weeks during the restriction period. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but that's what it feels like. What makes it worse is that I also can't eat soy (which is used a lot in gluten-free products) because of the thyroid issues. But its gotta be done to get to the bottom of what's been going on.  I'm still having funky GI problems and I think this might be the cause, since the exams didn't show anything.

Definitely keep me updated and I'll do the same.  :)
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Never had to do anything on full bladder when pregnant.  Well, always seemed to be full, but never had to have tests done that way!  YUCK  

Do not envy you for the next few weeks.  Think I'll stick to gyn tests instead of restrictive diets of that extreme!  =(

Am going to have to take my little boy to dr tomorrow and have him checked for asthma.  Wish I already had the appt.  If I did I go in early and have a fasting insulin level done to prove or disprove the insulin resistance.

No, don't think I have any problems with hermaphroditis (may have just made up a new word there).  But am really curious to what in the heck that is.  

You know. . .some brown rice with the roasted chicken sounds mighty good right now.  ;)  Think I could use a tinfoil hat right now.  Couldn't hurt, that's for sure.  Have you noticed how they seem to have gotten it in their heads that the chicken club is for people who've had thyroid surgery?  Don't know how this happened since we're the nuts who started it and neither one of us has had surgery!  Find it kind of funny myself.

BTW, keep waiting for some kind of interesting picture on your little bio thingy.  What gives.  Posted mine on there yesterday!  LOL  

If I find your mind I will make sure you get it back.  Please do the same with mine.  It has been AWOL for so long though that I don't know if I could identify it any more!  sigh  lol
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I'm just thankful the diet's only for 3 weeks.  At least I'll have some answers at the end of it.  That's all I'm looking for.. just a few answers!  Whodathunk it'd be so difficult???

The insulin resistance test is long.  Takes about 2 hours so I'd do that when you're by yourself and take a couple of magazines (or in my case, a coloring book and crayons).  Hope your boy's ok.  My daughter had asthma, fortunately only a mild case.  Just got bad when she was stressed.

Yeah, I want to pick Methuselah's brain about that one too when I see him next time.  I'll keep looking online.  The whole adrenal-genital thing is intriguing, but can't find anything that applies.

Hrm.. guess I'll have to post some more pics to the album and emphasize the brain fog aspect.  The folks with surgery already have their double smiley thing.  The least we could have is a couple of roasted chickens and tinfoil hats.  LOL!

I'm just lazy.  Will probably get a pic up there at some point.  Btw, love the pic!  LOL!

I strongly suspect my mind has wandered under the sofa and is playing poker with the dust bunnies.  Not the best thing to do because those dust bunnies cheat!
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Took my son to the dr today, but unfortunately his ped wasn't available so had to go to this moron woman.  When I told her about the ice and making him breathe the cold air she ignored me and told me to give him hot tea and put him in the bathroom with the shower on hot!!!!  I think she wants me to kill him.  Was SO far beyond mad.  Stuck around so I could get the script for the antibiotics I knew was coming, he really needs those.  Will not be going back to her EVER again!

2 HOURS?!?!  First I have to get up and get me ready, son off to school, then drive 1 1/2 hours to get there and THEN spend 2 hours having this done?!  OMGosh!  My stomach will think my throat has been slit.  And I suppose they're going to do all this in the middle of the lovely u/s too.  ACK!  Think I may be really sick Tuesday.  

Now I'm really depressed.  Do I eat a bowl of ice cream or go to bed?  Well, of course, don't be ridiculous.  I do both.  LOL
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