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OT: Info about the pug

I finally got around to looking at the Chicken Club photos, which are all wonderful.  I'm wondering who goes with the pug though?  My husband and I had to have both of our aging dogs put to sleep this spring. We have waited to get another dog until we moved into our new condo and he wants a pug so badly it's almost funny. I guess I should wait until after RAI to get a dog, but I don't know if my husband can wait that long. He comes home and reports pug sightings and runs up to people on the street to ask them about their pug. I guess it's rubbed off on me, so now I want to know more about the pug in the photo. Would a pug be suited to life in a condo?
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my parents have 2 pugs...charlie and penny. They follow my dad EVERYWHERE. They are nice dogs and they dont get real big. They are snorters and they tend to snore alot but boy they sure are cute!!!
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My hubby would love 2 pugs (he even has 2 names picked out). I must admit that they are cute.  After my biopsy results, I decided that if I am going to be dealing with thyroid cancer, I want to have a dog around to keep me company while I'm recuperating. A friend of mine died of esophageal cancer a couple of years ago and her dog and cats stayed in bed by her side until the very end. Animals are so perceptive, especially when it comes to children. I just loved your story and the photo of the doe.

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I have had animals my whole life and they have always been there for me. Some of my best friends have been animals.

They have proven that having a pet lowers your blood pressure, eases depression, helps pain tolerance, and you live longer too!!!

Right now we have 3 cats, a dog, a tortiose, 4 toads, and my daughter whos moving back home this weekend is bringing her cat and a hamster :-) My boys and I would love to have a snake too but anytime I bring it up to hubby he starts hyperventalating and seems to be heading towards a full blown panic attack. LOL
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Dart frog ~ that last comment of yours got me giggling.  I'm not a huge snake lover myself, but my dad - who's a big guy and as far as I know isn't scared of anything - is terrified of snakes!!  

JoBa ~ I got a puppy 2 weeks ago. He's the cutest dang golden retriever you ever did see.  He's been a wonderful addition to our family, and has really helped me through recovery after my surgery.  Last week, I'd go out in the garage and just watch him play with the other dogs (I have a 14yr old chocolate lab and a 4yr old black lab).  I say go for it!!!

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My husband and I have had pets ever since we first met (he had a dog and I had a cat). Since then we've had 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a bunch of other critters. Our son moved to California so this is the first time in 28 years that we've been alone together. We were so devastated when we lost both of our dogs within 3 weeks of each other that we didn't think we could do another dog for awhile. But I think we are ready now (although I cried this morning thinking about them.) They were truly like family.

Dart frog ~ My parents wouldn't let me have pets with fur when I was young, but I had turtles, frogs, fish, etc. I used to catch garter snakes out in the field next to my grade school and scare the other kids with them (needless to say my popularity suffered somewhat for that). I also had a couple that I brought home. One day I broke the aquarium that they were in and put them in a box in the basement. They got loose and I couldn't find them. My mom was down there doing laundry and they stuck their heads out from under the washing machine. She was so freaked out (which surprised me because she wasn't afraid of my other reptiles) that she told me if I let the snakes go that she would buy me a guinea pig. So I did. That started the "mammal" phase of my life.

So, when my husband gets back in town next week, I think I'll talk to him about pug shopping. We've never had a purebred dog, always pound puppies, so this should be interesting. Thanks for the encouragement.
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You sound like me.  We didn't have many pets growing up because soon after I got a kitten we realized that my younger brother was very allergic to cats and when one of my older brothers had a dog he didn't take care of it so it went bye-bye.  I used to catch garter snakes & box turtles all the time but my mother wouldn't let them in the house.  And any type of rodent was totally off limit - my mother is afraid of them.  My dad is allergic to guinea pigs & hamsters so the only time I had one was when it was my turn to have the first grade class hamster @ home for a week.  I had 1 neurotic dog before I got married and she went to live with a wonderful couple that's exactly what she needs and we've had a only slightly neurotic cat for almost 10 years.  Unfortunately I, my daughter and my husband are all allergic to her but as she's not a very friendly, lap cat we don't react to her much.  And my daughter is also very allergic to dogs but I would *love* to get a Chinese Crested.  Maybe one of these days.  But despite all of these allergies at one time we had 3 bunnies (babysitting for a friend), a dog, a cat, a goldfish and a hamster all under our roof.  The hamster got loose & went who knows where and the bunnies went back home, the goldfish died and our dog was given away so that has left us with just our cat.  I'm hoping my daughter outgrows her dog allergy but given the fact she broke out & went into a sneezing fit the other day while petting our cat I don't think that's gonna happen.  Oh well :-P

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I love it!  Chinese cresteds are such unique looking dogs (especially the ones tht win the ugly dog competition every year). An alternative for you might be dogs that have hair instead of fur. My son and his girlfriend live with her parents. They have a Yorkie and her mom is allergic to dogs, but the Yorkie is ok because it has hair. Wheaton terriers are also supposedly hypoallergenic. I think there are other breeds as well, but I don't know which they are.  But if you really want a dog, you should find a breeder and take your daughter to visit to see if she reacts.

Snakes are ok, but not exactly warm and cuddly. Actually, a snake that "cuddles" you is probably higher on the food chain than you are and he's looking at you as a snack!
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poodles, shiztu, some terriers, maltese...bascily any type of dog that has to have its fur cut is the kinds good for people with allergies.

I have a toy fox terrier. Hes 6 and weighs maybe 10 lbs. BAD thing about terries is it takes them about 4 years to get out the hyper puppy stage. When my dog gets excited....he bounces..about 3 feet off the ground..up, down ,up, down.

with all the animals we have right now......we only have one that has a brain and thats one of the cats......of course shes smart shes siamese! LOL
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