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Options for meds while in the UK

I  have a situation I hope medhelp forum can help with. I still have my 75 mcg Levoxyl and 25 mcg Cytomel in a small stock pile.  
A recent refill via CVS in Florida was picked up by my daughter and she attempted to ship to me.
I am currently in the UK, indefinitely.
It was In its unopened,' bagged and tagged CVS documents, it still came back.

According to my research there are two ways to override this. A licensed prescriber ships, or writes to an international online pharmacy.
I can not run out of medication! I can not return to the States, at the moment. I do have an EU passport, as a dual citizen (Italy), so I can see a GP, but I read that it’s a from scratch situation. I am not set up with permanency here, yet, as I may opt to reside in France, due to Brexit complications.
I’ve got a call into my US Endo, to see what he can do-If he can mail it or send the script to a legitimate online pharmacy.
The other issue is cost! Cytomel  alone is 300£ for 100 in an online order. I haven’t begun to see what the cost of Levoxyl is, or if it’s obtainable here.
They do however, have WP Thyroid, which has some very good reviews.
But what would be the conversion rate on that, with. Y current dosage, which has been perfect, for the first time in a very long time.
WP Thyroid is cheaper, by far, but is the ratio low in t4 to T3 like Armour?
Any information, advice and recommendations are so welcome. I can not be without my medication, and while I have my little stash, it’s not infinite! Trying not to panic. Thanks in advance.
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