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Orbital decomprssion complications

What would cause bleeding while undergoing orbital decompression surgery?
The doctor had to stop surgery.
What can be done if anything to continue?
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Thank you.... sorry
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We have a member here who understand more on this than most. Her name is Marpo1 and rarely appears on the board. Send a message to her - or Smilerdeb. Smilerdeb will contact her if you don't here anything and Marpo1 is wonderful, she will come on with some thoughts.

Good Luck on this - It must be very scarey.

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I was thinking too that our endo on the expert side Dr. Lupo may shed some thoughts on this. It's tough to get a question through. Be persistant you can get on there if you try a few times and you should get a response.
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Thank you, I will send them a message!
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