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Other than Lupus, What do Chromatin ABS suggest?

I have an ANA by EIA of 6.2, chromatin ABS of 1.7, DNA antibodies of 35.  Widespread tendon pain, recently painful lymph nodes slightly swollen.  Serious back pain for which I received Prolo Therapy injections.  Today I just want to sleep.  I've had Epstein-Barr several years ago.  No weight loss, actually I'm overweight.  Total hysterectomy about 4 years ago.  Allergies (Mold, trees, environmental...), The slightest continued pressure on my body, esp extremities causes irritation and pain.  This morning the knuckles on my left hand were stiff, painful and fingers slightly swollen.  Right hand not as much.  Have pain and slight swelling (? lymph nodes) to the lateral side of my left knee.
Could this be Hashimoto's? The only thing I could find regarding the chromatin elevation points to Lupus.
Can you tell me what my symptoms suggest, and could this be a resurfacing of Epstein-Barr, or can fibromyalgia cause these kinds of lab elevations?  Dr., I'm a Registered Nurse so you can speak to me on medical terms if you like.  Just don't have a lot of background on autoimmune diseases.  Thanks--Cat
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I don't know if the answer is Hashimoto's but I do know I have extreme back pain lower and weight gain that not so extreme. I don't think your Epstein-Barr is resurfacing but I do know some of the symtoms do mimic Lupus but you should feel fluish, have eye-problems and shingles those are to me known symtoms as I have a son-in-law that also has had Epstein-Barr and I know this is one of the most painful diseases ever.

For myself I am looking into Leptin Resistance. I am thinking that this maybe some of my problems. Apparently if you have High Cortisol but RT3 then Leptin Resistance is the next problem to look into.

I noticed here I have heard that if your FT4 is normal but your FT3 is low then you should try Armour or Cytomel and if that doesn't solve the problem then it maybe your Cortisol but if it isn't your Cortisol then it very well can be that you are the few that are Leptin Resistance. I mention this also because you've had a hestretomy and it seems that this all coralates back.  For me taking more Synthroid or even Armour and Cytomel causes great pain in my back. I thought it must be Cortisol but all test showed not Cortisol I haven't yet had a test for Leptin but plan too.

I do hope everyone gets better and if, Epstein-Barr then I know my son-in-law continually had his blood changed I would have to ask him more specific details before I could express anymore information on this or advise.
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According to the article in the link I listed above, 20 percent of people with positive ANA antibodies do not have Lupus. You can have another auto-immune condition and test positive.

The article lists other tests needed to diagnose Lupus. I suggest you get more testing.

I have Hashimoto's. Doctors thought it was Lupus at first, because Hashi symptoms can mimic Lupus. Even the lower leg weakness can trick Hashis into thinking they've got MS. Here's how I felt before taking meds. I still have some of these issues.

Mild weight gain even while dieting
Extreme fatigue/napping
GERD/Heartburn/chest pain
Mostly constipation mixed with diarrhea
Depression/anxiety/forgetfulness/brain fog
Abdomen swells for no apparent reason
Neck/jaw pain/swelling/pressure
Scratchy voice
Migraines, dizziness and back of neck/head pain
Very cold feet and hands and sometimes a feeling like ants are biting my feet
Endometriosis (2 years ago – cured after one year of birth control)
Irregular/heavy periods and menstrual-like cramping in between periods
Ear pressure/pain
Voice is sometimes hoarse
Knee/joint pains – finger swelling and pain
Rash or scaly skin on neck, head, chest, chin, nose, right armpit down to waist
Dry eyes and sometimes soreness
Occasionally I have a mild hot flashes or chills
Night throbbing/pounding in ears that wakes me
Toe nails feel painful and brittle
Muscles in legs sometimes go wobbly and weak when I am standing
Tingling feet/hands/lips
Body temp ranges 97-97.5
Hair clumps in shower
Shaky hands
Blood pressure changing
Feeling like heart is beating fast
Decreased sex drive
enlarged lymph nodes in neck and armpit

:) Tamra
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Also, the specific antibody tests for Hashimoto's are TGab and Anti-TPO.

:) Tamra
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Thanks for your input, I will jot down some of this to ask the specialist in November.  The lymph node pain is worse now.  Bottoms of my feet feel like I've been walking on gravel, and several other areas are painful.  Mouth sores occurring again.  
Never heard of Leptin Resistance.  I'll read what I can find on it.  Not losing my hair from my head, but I no longer have hair on my arms.  I've had asthma and allergies for a few years as well, with severe allergic reactions to mold.  
What's tough here is I seem to have some of the Hashimoto's syndrome, as well as Lupus.  I don't have the malar rash though.  My eyes have seemed a little irritated in the mornings especially, for the last 2 or 3 days.
This seems like I got the mixed bag!  Has the pain been so bad that you thought you needed to go to the ER?  I don't see a specialist till the 20th of November and I'm not being treated at all for any of these symptoms....am I going to make it till then???
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Some Hashis get the mouth sores and find they also have Celiac disease. Try staying away from Gluten, ALL products with gluten for a week and see if this helps. It might just help if you have any constipation or stomach pain.

I'm such a hypocrite! I went gluten free for two months, and I had a bread breakdown that has lasted four days. I'm so sick now.

I don't know about the mixed bag, thing. Honeslty, I have all of the pain you have (bottom of feet ache so bad it hurts to walk) and my Lupus antibodies came back negative.

My mom has Hashi and the same pains. She's 75, so if she had Lupus, we'd know by now. We both get the rashes on our legs, arms, chest, and I get it on my face during ovulation and periods. Not quite the butterfly rash, but it does burn. I have read that people with Lupus don't get pimples in the crease below the nose/above the lip. Sheesh, I get pimples there, too!  

Mom and I have asthma, mold issues, allergies, dry eyes, pain in extremities, arthritis swelling, body aches like the flu... Before my Hashi diagnoses, doctors thought it was Lupus, then MS because of the muscle weakness.

Read this article on urticaria rashes:

Another woman answered on a rash post here that she takes two Pepcid a day and one allergy med to suppress the rash.

This talks about Hashi and joint and muscle pain:

I don't believe that doctors know enough about Hashi and ALL of the issues we face. They assume once we take Synthroid, all of our symptoms will disappear.

It's scary because it really does resemble Lupus.
:) Tamra
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Have you had your actual thyroid levels tested?  TSH, Free T3 and Free T4?  Some of your symptoms are the same as those of hypothyroidism, more so than Hashi's.  Would be interested in knowing what your actual thyroid levels are, along with the lab's reference ranges.  

Several of these autoimmune diseases can mimic each other.  AND I'd like to point out that if you ever get into a position where you are in such intense pain, that you can't stand it --- you need to go to the ER - there could be something more immediate going on.  
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