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I am a 33 mother of two who had a baby 7 weeks ago and two days after my c section I had a large benign fluid filled cyst appear on the right side of my thyroid gland and all my thyroid blood work came back fine. The doctor aspirated it but it came back two weeks later and recommends surgery. I really want to avoid surgery and try this PEI treatment but can't find a doctor performs the procedure. Hope some one can help
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Did you ever find a doctor?

I am also wanting this treatment.  I have a painful cyst on the left side of my thyroid.  I can't find a doctor that does this either!
I'm in Washington state.
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I was wondering...I've heard of the Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI) for liver cancer patients but not in the context for thyroid cysts. Have both of you been checked for parathyroid adenomas? Are both of your cysts benign? Have you been checked for hyperparathyroidism?

Jess- since you've just had a baby, your thyroid levels may fluctuate for a few months, but I don't think that explains the cyst.

Delena- I can recommend Dr. John Ryan of Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. He did a fantastic job of removing my parathyroid tumor. He has done TONS of thyroid/parathyroid surgeries, is a professor at UW medical center, and was available afterwards for consult if needed. My surgery was only 30 mins, and I was able to go home a few hours later. According to him, my tumor was a fluid-filled cyst of sorts (non-cancerous as most of them are) and the size of a chicken egg...(This is why I ask about the parathryoid eval.)
I hope this helps! ~MM
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I just noticed Jess's post was from September...:) ~MM
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