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Does anyone on here that has an underactive thyroid have problems with their periods as well?? My last 2 cycles my periods have been really short only lasting about 3 days and more spotting than anything. I haven't been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid yet. I am still waiting to see a doctor, but I was told by a doctor in the ER that I needed to see an endocrinologist because my thyroid test was border line.
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I have been experiencing the same thing.  I have had two cycles in 4 weeks with both lasting a couple of days and some spotting. I had a partial removal of my thyroid, but haven't had test to confirm if I am hypo. This is very unusual for me and uncomfortable, also my doc told me that there is no way my thyroid is involved...which I think is a crock of crap. I am sure there are other who are going through the same thing.

Take care.
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Until a few weeks ago, I'd been told I was "perimenopausal". Nope, not the case per lab tests AND process of elimination. I was low on vitamin D AND I have Hashimoto's. My thyroid labs have fluctuated widely "in range" yet I have been profoundly symptomatic of hypothyroidism. The Hashi's was discovered after my thyroid antibodies were ran and found to be very high. With the correction of the Vitamin D, and having been on dessicated thyroid less than 2 weeks, the hormonal issues are beginning to straighten out. No more hot flashes, the palpitations are less, the period is on-time (although still spotting a few days before) and I'm sleeping through the night!!! (Also leg edema and bloating seem to have disappeared...) It's still too soon to tell if the periods are regular again, but so far this is better than only having a 21-day (or 23, or 25, or 19) cycle and guessing when it's going to hit. I work a job where I am on-the-road constantly and may be 2-3 hours between bathroom trips -so predictability is highly valued!
I'd say, get a thyroid panel done (including vitamin D and antibodies) and then get a copy of your labs and post them here. There are TONS of people with experience here that have given me a wealth of knowledge -enough to know (and argue) when docs are feeding you a spoonful of cr@p and telling you it's chocolate...:) ~MM
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Thank you! I have alot of symptoms of thyroid disorder on both ends of the spectrum! I wasn't aware until today that it effects your periods as well. I guess it makes sense that it would! It effects so many other things in our bodies. I am glad you are getting some relief and I hope I will too soon!
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I had TT when i was 23 (now 40).

Well i have had irregular cycles as well since I turned 37. Sometimes six weeks without one, then getting two in a four week period. According to lab work it is not menapausal, not even close. However, my doctors think it is all hormonal for me, even my gyno. I do get only the night sweats and awful leg pains right before (maybe a week before) and the sweats & leg pains last anywhere from 4-10 days. I do take a lot of advil. I do believe it is all hormonal.
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You'd be surprised how many things Hashi's can affect.  Your thyroid secretes hormones, so it can definitely mess with your cycle.  Google the endocrine system, and you'll be amazed what it involves.  
Also, having Hashimotos can cause your levels to fluctuate at times as well, which can cause hyper symptoms here & there as well.

Good luck...hopefully your levels even out and you feel better soon!
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I  was hyper and had my thyroid removed 3 months ago. Problem was I had a period and sever constipation for the whole three months since. My endo Md has changed my doses of Synthyroid from 125 -137 and now 200mcg. The periods did stop last week but still have sever constipation reguardless of how much grains and fruits etc I eat.  I am hoping to get some relief by testing my T3 and my T4 (thanks to suggestion from member gimel) I am waiting to hear from my Endo MD after requesting a new labslip for blood draw. I was really shocked to find  the knowledge and treatment of this is so different between MD's. It is a struggle to get the proper level but more so to find a Endo MD that is willing to take any suggestions.  My experience, this far has been, they treat your lab results and really need to treat your systems. I have found a lot of support here, I thought I was the only one.  I also have come to think that this is an ongoing struggle that I am going to have to deal with changing levels,medications my whole life, NO EASY FIX.  But I do have hope.Thanks everyone
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