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PTH Levels ranging from 340-878-Calcium normal 9.2

Need help on WHAT a high PTH level would be doing to my body, bottom line.
Parathyroidectomy 2002, removal of tumor (NOT found on Sestamibi Scan) grape-sized on parathyroid gland towards chest/benign.  Calcium returned to normal (VERY high for years before surgery/PTH high, but NEVER as high as now).  Pain in all joints after surgery for months, dx:  pseudogout.  Since radiation for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in right breast 1/07, parathyroid levels tested again, very high.  Calcium stays in normal range.  Surgeon consult/says no surgery warranted, nothing to operate on.  Sestamibi Scan rescheduled for 1/14/09 (remember, NO tumor was found on previous scan before parathyroidectomy in 2002).   ALL docs baffled.  Having symptoms of extreme fatigue, cough (finally attributed to GERD after x-rays/CT scans, breathing tests, et al), extreme loss of concentration.  Joint pain very little, NO kidney disease, never on dialysis.   Could someone please send their comments, preferably a doctor, or someone who has HAD HIGH PTH, but NORMAL CALCIUM for a almost 2 years now.  THANK YOU!  
Happy Holidays....juli  (dx of primary hyperparathyroidism again)
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You can send a pm on your profile page via a key in the upper right called ‘Send Message.’  Send me a pm; I’d love to hear from you.
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Hi Stella~
I am not getting the notifications when someone responds to my posts?  Tho I have clicked the 'watch' notifications?   Thypatient has responded back to me, thank you!
I don't know how to pm thru here?  Also waiting for maybe a doctor also to get back to me, I posted also on the ask-a-doc site.  Yes, it is unusual to be dx'd with primary hyperparathyroidism again, with calcium NORMAL this time, and PTH exceedingly high.
We know something is up, but docs/surgeon STUMPED.    We'll get a Sestamibi Scan in January, but that didn't pick up my last tumor/grape-sized in 2002.   The high level just keeps getting higher, and we thought at first it was from radiation that ended 1/07 from breast cancer (after chemo).  NO clue...it's a bit maddening, when docs don't have a clue either...they 'never had a patient, nor conferred with any docs in my area - big area-Albany, NY-that had such a high PTH/w/normal calcium!  THANKS for letting me rant here!    TAKE care, hope YOU are well?   Happy Holidays!    ~juli
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That is so unusual to be Dx again.  I really can't answer this - but a member here as Thypatient has alot of info on this.

You can PM her - she may respond quicker.
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