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Pain and Vibrations

I keep having these vibrations in my leg nerves and the pain in my right leg just keeps killing me from my butt down to the ankle. Anyone else going through this? I dont know if it is the joint (SI) in the rear that is effecting the entire leg or what.
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Sorry, I can't help you with this, but wanted you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you.

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Thank You Dac, I think I am going to go see a new neuroligist or something. There seems to be so much crazy stuff going on in this world I just dunno, my Father inlaw is now in the Hospital for the last 2 weeks with neuro problems, numb waste down, starting to choke, breathing problems now, they had him in ICU and have ran every test and cannot figure it out, as of last night they moved him to a Hospital with the top neuroligist to figure it out and so far the have redone the spinal tap and drew 8 tubes of spinal fluid this time, CRAZY that these Doctors just cannot figure out things now, what is going on? Makes me wonder if we are under some kind of terrorist attack or something, I have noticed there are so many people coming up with neuro problems that Neurolist are not figuring  out. It sounds like ALS in his case but they said they checked for that. Anyway just wanted to share that with you, he is in very bad shape, cant walk, cant feel bathroom issues,swallowing/breathing and they are saying they think it is coming from the brain signal although he has had that MRI to.
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Oh my gosh, Tina, am so sorry to hear that.  My grandfather died from ALS and that doesn't really sound anything like his symptoms.  I know this probably sounds crazy but sounds a lot like anti-freeze poisoning in animals.  Could he have gotten into something at work or at home that could have poisoned him?  You know, poisonings are very hard for drs to determine unless they are specifically looking.

Probably just a crazy idea.  Just had a cat that had anti-freeze poisoning and that is EXACTLY how he acted.  Just a thought.  Might be worth checking into it.

Is he a farmer or rancher?   Hmmm...
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Well my mother in law said they checked for toxins but I dont know how they went about it, as far as ALS what I read sounds alot like it, also he has been painting cars for GM for years and yes he messes with alot of other toxic stuff as in redoing things around the house and so on. He cannot even walk, he cant feel going to the Bathroom, he was loosing oxygen level in his sleep so they stopped giving him sleeping med. What was your grandpa like and do you know how they diagnosed it? I read they have to rule out everything around it to diagnose it.
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His started in his hand and then moved up his arm and eventually took over all his muscle and they just decayed and completely disappeared until he looked like a holocaust victim.  He lost the ability to swallow although he could still talk and then finally his heart and lungs just shut down in his sleep.  Was quite peaceful actually.  

He went to some kind of specialist, neurologist I assume and they told him within hours that it was ALS.  Am sorry, but I don't know how it was dx.

Since he has spent all those years painting cars I would assume the first test they did was for lead poisoning.  

Wish I could help you more.  I hope and pray they find out what is wrong soon.  I will pray for him, you, and your family and be here as a friend for anything you need that I can do.

Your leg sound like psiatic nerve possibility.  My grandmother had it pinched and ended up bed ridden for over a year.  She was 70 something at the time, so don't freak out about that part. ;)  Think it is fairly easy to dx if that is it.

Good luck to you both and God bless you.
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Thank You Dac, it is taking over his nerves and muscles and he does look bad but I rebuke it all in the name of Jesus, I know he is suffering but he is doing his best at keeping his faith. They had him on huge amounts of steroid for now and on oxygen, and he does have the swallowing problem to, suppose to have spainal tap back Saturday, the other Hospital already done one but this one was with alot more fluid. Also he is able to talk still. Thank You again........ God Bless you and your family also. Oh and my lef, yes thats what I keep telling the orthapedic place, sciatic nerve but they just dont listen, I am going to try the chriropractor some mor eI guess and this has had me off me feet in bed everyday now for 5 months.ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
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